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Forum: Tony Hawk

Thread: JAP / Asia Versions

Started by: Coombs68Coombs68$_57.JPG

Different cover art on this ps 1 version.


Forum: Tony Hawk

Thread: JAP / Asia Versions

Started by: Coombs68Coombs68

Does anyone know if there is an Jap N64 version of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 ? I can't really find much info about it anywhere.

I did find out that the ps 1 has a version like that:


Forum: Benelux Speedrunner Gathering Legacy

Thread: [Event] BSG: Monthly #3 27 May - 29 May

Started by: j4sp3rrj4sp3rr

Schedule looks good for me. I'll be there for most of sunday.

Now to get a good 2 weeks of practice in 😛

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Thread: DosBox settings

Started by: loafofbreadloafofbread

When i ran CK4 i did put the Dosbox settings at max cycles. Which can be done by pressing CTRL + F12.
Some more information can be found here:
I am not completely sure about the settings though i just pressed the cycle upgrade untill i got the message saying it won't get any higher. (i think that was somewhere between 16k - 20k cycles)


Forum: Tony Hawk

Thread: THUG 1 - Potential Improvement Glitch

Started by: Coombs68Coombs68

Yo guys wassup so as some of you might have noticed lately i've been running some THUG 1. After getting my 1st ever Eric skip about a week ago i tried to look around for more glitches.

So it appears that if you enter an vehicle and then instantly retry a goal for some reason you will ALLWAYS have a skateboard with you. I did this on the Goal 'get your gear back from the dealers'. Here there is the Sports race car located really close to where the the Goal starts. Initially i was hoping that i would instantly complete the goal by having a skateboard during it. Anyway i still think this could be a tad bit faster then what we currently do on this goal. (i roughly time compared it to wr and it could potentially be a few seconds lol ...)
Anyway i found this an pretty interesting find and maybye people can find more stuff for the game this way ?!


Forum: Grand Theft Auto III

Thread: The Getaway [Mission] - Funky cutscene stuff ?!

Started by: Coombs68Coombs68

Hey guys i wanted to share this and see if somebody can come up with some interesting explanation for this stuff.
So in this 1st highlight: one of the gang member appears to glitch out of the car and decides to go sit down on the ground ? lol.. Eventually the mission would auto complete without any extra keyinputs.

So in the 2nd highlight: something similar happened, allthought this was at the start of the mission not at the end like in the 1st highlight. I have no idea exactly what happened here .. My idea is that my car is parked slightly tilted forward which leaves some room for the gang member to get stuck underneath the back bumper while at the same time the 1st gang member smacks the door closed, that slighty moves the car somehow killing one of the gang members ?!

Haha weird stuff honestly. Funny that 2 times now stuff like this has happened if anybody has any technical explanations about what happened i am interested in hearing them i am nerdy :^)


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Thread: Need help with managing game series

Started by: Coombs68Coombs68

Hello guys i need a mod to help me out with something.
So i was in CapnClever his stream recently and we where debating the Commander Keen section and noticed some issues.
I am basicly the sole moderator of the sub group of the game series ( but haven't really worked on it.
Then for the game Commander Keen 1 there is a seperate game at
Can anybody put that game into the series ? And can you mod the guys for the series also that are mod for the CK1 game.
With the help of CapnClever we can probly set up a whole lot of leaderboards for different games of the series 🙂.
Thanks !
¤¤Update: I managed to fix some things the only issue at the moment is that the CK1 game is seperate but i can only add new games to the series. If anybody could help out with this would be perfect!

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