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Forum: Ultimate NES Remix

Thread: Question

Started by: Coolms9Coolms9

Does the All Levels (full game) category include Bonus 26-28?


Forum: Photo Dojo

Thread: New category ideas

Started by: Coolms9Coolms9

Here are some ideas I have for new categories:
-no kicking (or any other move not being allowed)
-loose cannon only (also applies to all other fighting styles)


Forum: Hypixel Arcade Games

Thread: timing for hypixel says

Started by: Coolms9Coolms9

at what frame does timing start and end for hypixel says win%, i would really like to know


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: 3DS Virtual Console

Started by: Coolms9Coolms9

Is the 3DS Virtual Console version gonna be accepted? Don't really see any problems with it.

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