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Thread: Wtf happenedto 2getheR

Started by: QuatermenQuatermen

He deleted his src account for unknown reasons


Forum: Clustertruck

Thread: COME ON!

Started by: CortyezCortyez

Didn't realize those platforms weren't added, added now

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Forum: Clustertruck

Thread: New level categories

Started by: Blizzard_TIWBlizzard_TIW

There's no reason for src to "document" it, when there are establish leaderboards built into the game.


Forum: Clustertruck

Thread: New level categories

Started by: Blizzard_TIWBlizzard_TIW

There are level leaderboards built into the game itself, there isn't really a point to having them here too.


Forum: Portal

Thread: Glitchless Cube Throws

Started by: ShizzalShizzal

Throwing the cube has way more to do with where in the arc you release it than how fast you flick. Flick slower, and release the cube higher. if you wanna see exactly where to release it just watch my run and slow it down.

In addition, you have to make sure you are running far enough forward so you are right on the edge when you release it, and also focus on keeping your arc in your throw smooth.

Side note, this strat saves all of 4 seconds and is hardly necessary to get times above like 16:30-17


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Thread: Why my run is not verfied

Started by: Vlad2DVlad2D


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Forum: A Hat in Time (Beta Build)

Thread: Speedrun Event Hat?

Started by: RevngeofroboRevngeofrobo

the hat is literally out


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Thread: Autosplit problem

Started by: funchfunch


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Forum: Portal

Thread: New route for ch15 glitchless?!

Started by: De_MartianDe_Martian

This makes the exact same cycle as before...


Forum: Portal

Thread: A bunch of newbie questions. Also, hi!

Started by: TheevoTheevo

1 and 2: Both are allowed

3: If you have to autosplitter set to game time it will display your time without loads. It sounds like you have it set up correctly

4: Those freezes are common on the post steampipe version of the game (most recent version basically.) Download the source unpack version from Resources and use that if you don't want the freezes. Side note, the freezes do not count against your time without loads

5: \SourceUnpack\portal\materials\models\weapons\v_models\v_portalgun is the file directory

6: Other than being set to game time not much is important, and is just personalization.

7: They are allowed in glitchless runs

8: Congrats!


Forum: Portal

Thread: how to afh

Started by: LinesLines

Uh excuse me @hat swag points are what adds up to wrs if u dont have swag in ur run its invalid

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Forum: Portal

Thread: Run-killing bug in chamber 19 (fans/cube pipeline area)

Started by: katun24katun24

while in this state try typing -duck in console. if it doesn't work, reload a save and then type -duck.

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Forum: Portal 2

Thread: Fix the Discord Invite

Started by: OOFOOF

This is the quality content I've come to expect from the Portal 2 Speedrunning Community

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Forum: Portal

Thread: Rules request

Started by: BiiWiXBiiWiX

I disagree 100% that it's a glitch. It's 2 physics objects interacting in a way that simply changes where the portal gun is aiming.


Forum: A Hat in Time

Thread: Glitch & Trick Research/Discoveries

Started by: Weegeechan15Weegeechan15

Saviiator That skip was patched in the update, you have to press all of the buttons to use the telescope or use an older patch


Forum: Portal

Thread: get out of vault oob

Started by: GontheyGonthey

You wait for the portals to open and walk through them

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Forum: Refunct Category Extensions

Thread: Category Request Thread

Started by: ConnorAceConnorAce

Added as a subcategory of One-Handed


Forum: Portal

Thread: Leaderboard or category for Still Alive?

Started by: MitsuneeMitsunee

There has already been a submission created for Still Alive, and people have already begun routing it as well.

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Forum: Refunct Category Extensions

Thread: Category Request Thread

Started by: ConnorAceConnorAce

If you would like to request your random arbitrary category to be added to the random arbitrary leaderboard, request it here!

In your post, please provide the following:

- The name of the category

- The rules for the category

- A video of you doing a run of the category

- Any other details you feel are important

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