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Thread: Mod Inactivity + Adding/Replacing Mods

Started by: CharlieToonaCharlieToona

Mod activity has been an ongoing problem for years unfortunately. I have been willing for a long time to pass over the responsibility of maintaining the leaderboard to somebody else, but when I add a new moderator who shows interest in being that person, they go inactive and the responsibility comes back to me. I don't mind it at all, since it is not a lot of work to verify runs, but I am still willing to add new moderators who want to take over.

So that being said, anybody who reads this, feel free to reach out if you are interested in being a mod!


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Thread: Speedrun discord

Started by: HexSpeedrunsHexSpeedruns

Whoever wants to start it, feel free to do so! I know I'm one of the few active mods on here, but I don't have the time to run something else such as the Discord. I'll gladly post it on the resources/endorse it/advertise it as needed though if somebody wants the responsibility of running it!

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Thread: A few Misc. Questions

Started by: Zackattack_056Zackattack_056

Thanks for all the questions - I'll provide my opinions on everything.

1. The original purpose for this page was for the playground speedruns. All of the other categories were originally established on http:/​/​toontownrecords.​com/​records/​ The reasons are purely organizational, as we want to highlight the main playground speedruns and not have everything too cluttered. I would be willing to change up how things are organized if that's what people prefer.

2. Donalds's Dreamland should absolutely be added, especially if you want to do a run of it. The only reason it's not up yet is that we do indeed need to decide if it should be one very long run, or if it should be split up into the parts on https:/​/​toontownrewritten.​fandom.​com/​wiki/​Donald​%27s_Dreamland_ToonTasks Let me know what you would prefer since you would be the first one running this.

3. I will confirm that the runs that no longer have videos used to have valid videos, so they are not cheated or faked runs. If other people want them taken down though, I respect that since there is no longer video proof of them.

4. The inactive mods aren't hurting anything, but I am also willing to add new mods to replace them since there's only 2 of us right now really verifying runs.

5. Toontown Records actually has this and calls them "Normal Gags-Only." We could add an option for that, but only if there's real interest.

6. I think everything should be done to make the run be a single video. For the later playground runs though I understand how much work goes into setting them up, so if something happens that requires the run needs to be split into 2 or 3 videos, that's fine. Obviously, don't submit a short factory video in 4 parts, but if somebody is found to be manipulating and taking advantage of this by having multiple videos, then they will be banned from future submissions. Don't feel like it's the end of the world if something happens for a brief moment in your recording of DDL though!

7. I'm leaning towards option A since they are a feature of the game now and can't be avoided while they are going on... but I'd like to hear what others have to say.


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Thread: Why is shelf clipping/gray area movement banned from mint runs?

Started by: EGMadnessEGMadness

These glitches are directly banned in the Toontown Rewritten Terms of Service as it is an online game. We want official records to abide by the rules everybody must follow when playing Toontown Rewritten, so we can't endorse glitched runs on the leaderboard when runners are playing online.



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Thread: Speedrun Revival Proposition from a Mod -- Awaiting discussion from runners & other active mods

Started by: ChrisCampbllChrisCampbll

1. I think the current difference between Solo and Co-Op right now is fine. The rules we have for Solo have worked well in creating a fair category where nobody gains an advantage from receiving outside help. I agree with bingokemski and don't really see the benefit of a 3 toon restriction for Co-Op. It would be really hard to enforce, and I think it is good to have a category that is allowed to be live streamed with resitrctions that the mods would have to try and make additional rules for.

2. I could see this working well when a load remover is complete. In the meantime, it is not practical at all to manually time every single loading zone. Timing by game time only works well when there is a program that can time it automatically so that the method of timing is uniform across all run.


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Thread: Donald's Dreamland

Started by: Ghost499Ghost499

The issue with DDL tasks is that there is so many of them. You have all of the laff tasks, Cashbot Suit, Lawbot Suit, and Bossbot Suit, which takes a very long time. If people want to run all DDL tasks, then I can certainly add it though.

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Thread: Run without a timer?

Started by: Ross123123Ross123123

Having a timer doesn't prevent people from speeding up a video as they can add it afterwards through video editing software. Checking the start and end times for a run is fine. If people have a sped up video or cut any parts out, that will be obvious enough when people watch the video.

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Thread: Streaming Speedruns

Started by: Legofan543Legofan543

After reading all of the suggestions people have given over the last couple days, the simplest solution to me seems to make it a requirement that solo runs cannot be live streamed. This would basically make every single solo run currently up a co-op run. I just have a couple of concerns with this:

How do we confirm a run was not live streamed?
For tasks such as the Mingler one in Daisy Gardens, can't they easily still tell a friend to start an invasion?

Let me know what you guys think. If we can come to an agreement, I'll update the rules tomorrow.

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Thread: Reporting a fake solo "WR"

Started by: JobberMcDumDumJobberMcDumDum

That sounds like you might as well be speedrunning Toontown Offline if you want zero interaction with other people. It would be much more efficient than having to leave every single battle somebody joins in TTR.


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Thread: Reporting a fake solo "WR"

Started by: JobberMcDumDumJobberMcDumDum

Thanks for your input. I have updated the rules and changed the run to co-op. Feel free to give me any other suggestions about how to improve the leaderboard.

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Thread: Reporting a fake solo "WR"

Started by: JobberMcDumDumJobberMcDumDum

It is very clear in the video that the runner is controlling both toons. That is not against the rules currently because they never added the other toon as a friend. However, I am open to a discussion on how we can change the rules for solo runs.

The first option is to just ban people from using more than one toon at a time during solo runs. I don't think this alone will solve the problem because people can still rely on friends in a call to follow them around helping. In fact, there are other solo runs currently on the leaderboard where this is the case.

The other option is in addition to banning the runner from using more than one toon at a time, is to not allow the runner to get direct help from other people in a call. The issue is this is how do we properly enforce it? What about streamers who have viewers with maxed toons constantly following them around? Where do we draw the line between a run being solo and other people helping making it co-op?

Let me know what you think the rules should be on solo runs. I have no issue moving the run to co-op if we can decide on clear new rules.

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Thread: Questions about the rules of this run

Started by: JobberMcDumDumJobberMcDumDum

1. Games that remove load times from the final time have a program that does it automatically in order to make it accurate. Something like that does not currently exist for Toontown, so the time has to include loads.

2. Checking for invasions is perfectly fine.

3. That would still count as a solo run.


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Thread: What was my run?

Started by: LaurieDBunnykinsLaurieDBunnykins

If the only time you used your friends list was to add a toon for your Toontask, then your run can count as solo.

If you used the friends list at any point to teleport to another toon or communicate through whispers, then it should stay as co-op.


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Thread: Mod request

Started by: Zer0z

What are the categories you have in mind?


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Thread: Starting Point

Started by: LaurieDBunnykinsLaurieDBunnykins

(edited: )

I don't know why they don't skip the Toontorial either. Go ahead and skip it as there's no reason to require the Toontorial


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Thread: Beginner / Intermediate route Funky Weapons Glitch issue

Started by: GIRLGIRL

Are all of the files deleted? I was able to do FWG for months without deleting my files, but at one point I had to start deleting my files in order to get it to work.


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Thread: How does a 100% RTA category sound?

Started by: ClocksStrikes13ClocksStrikes13

We used to have that category on here, but it became obvious that nobody was willing to dedicate that amount of time to a 100% run. However, if somebody ever does a 100% run, then I'll likely add it.


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Thread: There is already a site for boss records.

Started by: Ian07Ian07

I agree that the boss records shouldn't on this page because they are already on that site, so I will go ahead and remove them from here.

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Thread: Date

Started by: Sora-AruzakySora-Aruzaky

These leaderboards are for Toontown Rewritten, not Toontown Online.

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Thread: N64 VS Wii U VC

Started by: LOZRunnerLOZRunner

Wii U VC is still fastest for every category, but extremely difficult for some like Any%