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Thread: ESA Winter 2020 Feedback Thread

Started by: PlanksPlanks

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As a viewer, the intermission videos with the hints and tips were great and made up for the lack of interviews and a couch which, to be completely honest, is usually hit-and-miss anyway. Please have more of them!

Loved the runners, especially BigJon, and KonceptioN2's Harry Potter run, it was a really fun run and he seemed to be having a great time (I hope).

Steam2 was StreamBest, as usual (if you disagree, fight me!). Chill and comfy, the smaller area felt more personal especially for the madness that the FFIX run turned into.

Chat mods were great, fun was allowed and even AutoMod was pretty chill.

Finally, thank you for torturin...err... having Joshimuz end the marathon, it was a nice bookend for the event.