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Thread: QnA

Started by: ComplexBeaverComplexBeaver

Post any questions about the marathon here that are not related to scheduling. ie Organization, Setup and general interest about HP Speedruns


Forum: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)

Thread: Why there are no 60fps & 120fps subcategories?

Started by: DarkKiller318DarkKiller318

also cutscene% is 60FPS cause that is a good meme and Hundo history was basically Resp until loadless then I had it for years so yeah good meme


Forum: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PC)

Thread: Differences between Any% 120fps & Any% 60fps

Started by: MrAdriankiMrAdrianki

The game was originally made to be played at 60FPS, so as such from yesterday on this will be the standard category.
We are keeping Any% 120FPS since people have put so much time into it and some tricks are not possible/really really hard at 60FPS. (Rictusempra Skip has maybe 1 person who has done it as 60FPS, with no video)
All other categories (100%, AWC, Glitchless, Cutscene) are all 60FPS no exceptions.
We also recommend that you show your FPS on the screen throughout the run to speed up the process for mods to confirm your run.

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