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I'm just wondering what the logic is behind making the categories Level 10, Level 100, and 100K. It looks like they were established based on the precedence of the Tetris leaderboards, but as far as I'm aware, nothing special happens at any of these points where you can make an argument for it being the "end of the game."

If most people disagree with this argument, fine, but if you agree categories should end with a substantial event, here's some alternative points to consider:
Original Mode Level 24: Fastest jewel drop speed (16px/frame)
Original Mode 9999 jewels: Occurs just after achieving the max level of 199
Arcade Level 24: Fastest jewel drop speed (16px/frame)
Arcade 9999 jewels: Occurs just after achieving the max level of 399


When I first made the categories, I did base it kind of off of the Tetris leaderboards, but other reasons led me to the three main categories we have now. I'll explain:

Level 10: The original reason I even played this game and tried playing it fast was for Mega 16, a race where the goal is to reach level 10. So I felt that this would be the perfect "base" category, since most people learning the game would probably start here, due to Mega 16.

Level 100: When I first played this game I casually got to level 100 just as a personal goal to myself. I thought it'd be fun to make something more about survival than going fast the entire time, and proposed it to friends when making the board. They said it was a good idea, so I went with level 100 as a good base. It was an hour and ten minutes, a long run.

100k: This one is interesting. Originally it was 10k. This one was inspired by Tetris, but I'd also theorized at the time that strategies for goals based on score and goals based on levels would be different. This turned out to be false, but I made a score based category anyway. I chose 100k as a more medium sized run, but it quickly became faster and faster and now is just a little slower than level 10.

Now yeah, nothing happens when these goals are met, and they were kinda chosen arbitrarily (especially 100k, which was upped from 10k just to make it a longer category). But I don't think that's a bad thing. Your suggestions for level 24 runs is actually a really cool one, and I like it a lot, but it's not exactly super flashy. Sure, the drop speed becomes the fastest, but that's not any more of a substantial event than any gain in level really is, at least not to me. Not enough to bump the goal up to that, or make it its own goal. And as for the 9999 jewels goals, that would take way too long. That would be a practically 2 hour run. As it is, most people aren't running level 100, and certainly not running it a lot. Level 9999 runs would just be a "get the time once and that's it" category. Not quite interesting enough to run over and over to grind down. And for Arcade, especially not. Arcade mode is kinda hard, I don't picture many people tackling 9999 jewels for that.

But hey, if enough people thin changing the categories is a good idea, I'll consider it. I just think they work the way they are :3

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