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Started by: CowchyCowchy

Sounds cool but you already start with allies, so I assume you mean an enemy faction. RimWorld randomizes faction goodwill but forces a few factions forced to have -100 goodwill, is this the colony you are aiming to ally?

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Thread: Calculators Are Banned

Started by: EtherealxxEtherealxx

Any opinions on an f3/no f3 leaderboards split? I think that would help alleviate any calculator cheating since you wouldn't be able to see your coordinates to begin with, and it would be cool to see the time differences between f3 runs and no f3.


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Thread: Allowing Mod: RandomPlus

Started by: Colin_HenryColin_Henry

Pretty simple, I think it would be nice to add RandomPlus ( to speed up rerolling for good colonists before starting the game, since it doesn't affect timing and the mod is only used in the "Choose Colonists" menu before the game starts. Of course, if this is allowed, it can always bring up future questions like "Why is this mod allowed and this one isn't?" or "Can we add this mod?"...