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Forum: Angry Birds

Thread: Timing

Started by: RabbiPikaRabbiPika

Don't worry about the timing if its a issue, we will make sure its timed right.

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Forum: Angry Birds Blast!

Thread: Run Time Update

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

All level runs will be retimed in milliseconds. This should then cause a little more competition and clear up any tied runs. Check for series updates.

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Forum: Angry Birds

Thread: Official Leaderboard Log

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

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In response to the growth of the Angry Birds speedruning community, there will be changes that will be made over the next coming weeks, here are the following changes that will be made.

1. A new moderation team has been assigned/will continue to be assigned for all the angry birds games.

2. All runs will be looked at again and retimed and changed if needed in response to new rules (Some game rules will possibly remain the same)

New rules and changes

Angry Birds Classic - Original timing rules were that time starts when you click on the level or game mode, and starts when the first frame of the game is shown and time ends when the first frame of the leaderboard is shown. The end time rule will remain the same but, the start time will be changed to once you make your first shot time starts, another change is that, once you go under the 3 minute threshold your runs must be timed in milliseconds.

Angry Birds 2 - NBA

Angry Birds Blast! - All AB Blast level runs will be retimed in milliseconds, because of all the tied runs. This will take a lot of time since there's about 100 runs in total for the levels so it will be a while before all of them are retimed.

Angry Birds Breakfast - NBA

Angry Birds Breakfast 2 - NBA

Angry Birds Epic - NBA

Angry Birds Evolution - Recently added game so no changes needed.

Angry Birds Friends - NBA

Angry Birds Go! - NBA

Angry Birds POP! -NBA

Angry Birds Rio - NBA

Angry Birds Seasons - NBA

Angry Birds Space - NBA

Angry Birds Star Wars - NBA

Angry Birds Star Wars II - NBA

Angry Birds Trilogy - NBA

Angry Birds Trilogy - New game, added on 2/2/2021

Angry Birds Category Extensions - Is finally here! Added on 2/19/2021

Angry Birds Chrome - New Game, added on 3/01/2021

Angry Birds Transformers - New game, added on 3/06/2021

Angry Birds Match - New game, added on 3/06/2021

Angry Birds Dream Blast - New game, added on 3/06/2021

Angry Birds FootBall - New game, added on 3/14/2021

Pigathon event preparations start! on 3/26/2021

Angry Birds Radox - New game, added on 3/28/2021

Angry Birds Philadelphia Eagles - New game, added on 3/29/2021

Angry Birds Lotus F1 Team - New game, added on 3/29/2021

Angry Birds in Ultrabook Adventure - New game, added on 3/30/2021

Angry Birds Breakfast 3 - added on 5/4/2021, completing the breakfast series.

Note - Even though a lot of changes are being made, don't be hesitant about submitting runs just follow the rules that are shown at the time of you running the game, and if new rules are applied then it will be changed when needed.

Note - This thread will be updated frequently.

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Forum: Emily is Away

Thread: Category Suggestion

Started by: ReassagresstaReassagressta

Really cool to see this game getting some more momentum again!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Platform Requests / Tagging games to be part of a series / Adjusting game type or game title

Started by: DangerlessDangerless

Could Bad Piggies - be added to the Angry Birds Series - Under Bad Piggies official wiki the game is categorized to be apart of the Angry Birds series. Source - Thanks!

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Forum: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Thread: New % categories.

Started by: Infinit_FuzioInfinit_Fuzio

These ideas are pointless for the game. They would only be good for a category extensions leaderboard for this game, which this game is not a popular speedruning leaderboard so which I would not allow such a leaderboard to ever exist, unless if it was a popular board.


Forum: Lep's World

Thread: Missing Categories, missing timing optimization and other problems: A possible solution

Started by: TheHSbF6LeoTheHSbF6Leo

I agree, you seem to have a lot of time and passion about fixing the leaderboard so I make you a normal mod just for this game at first then will see what happens from there, I don’t have time to be looking at these run and fixing all of the issues life is just way to busy rn, so it would be good to have a extra hand


Forum: Lep's World

Thread: Weird 1-1 WR?

Started by: TheHSbF6LeoTheHSbF6Leo

I’ve been really busy so I haven’t had the time to deeply analyze these small runs, but I will try to look into it and let you know in this forum, if you find something out also let me know in this forum


Forum: Grand Theft Auto Category Extensions

Thread: IV Segment Rule Addition

Started by: EBenEBen

Categorys are still dead now so doesn’t matter either way honestly


Forum: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Thread: Leaderboard set up

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

Well almost a year later and i forgot to add the rest of the episodes, wow, there all being added now.

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Forum: Lep's World

Thread: Is this dead?

Started by: Centman_meCentman_me

Every once and a while I may be offline for a few days, but usually I’m online every day


Forum: Lep's World 3

Thread: Runs removed

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

All current runs on the board had no video evidence provided so they have been removed, I’m probably going to change up the category since they where poorly made and change them like the other Leps world games.


Forum: Telltale

Thread: Series Moderation

Started by: LivLiv

@SpiderHako there are runs of them, the games are on the site but I was saying they need to be listed under the telltale series


Forum: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Thread: Leaderboard set up

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

Was thinking about doing that, so that’s probably what I’ll do


Forum: Telltale

Thread: Series Moderation

Started by: LivLiv

(edited: )

@Liv Hey there are a few telltale games that you left out to add to the telltale series such as, Tales from the borderlands, and the wolf among us. Just letting you know so you could add them to the series.


Forum: The Walking Dead: The Final Season

Thread: Telltale Closing down

Started by: ClingingTomcat8ClingingTomcat8

So sadly it seems that the telltale offices are closing and there not going to finish the final season as you can check out there statement on twitter. Im not actually positive on them not finishing the final season but if episode 2 is the final one i will add the any% at that time. I will miss there games and im sad to here there not going to continue any more games.

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Forum: Telltale

Thread: Series Moderation

Started by: LivLiv

Yeah, being mod of the whole series is kind of a huge role Since nobody is mod of all the telltale games, I think there could be a mod in the future but it would have to be somebody who is really trusted and they know there not going to add games randomly, but for now I think it’s best to just leave it unmoderated right now until the time comes when a mod needs to be appointed to the series

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Forum: Telltale

Thread: Series Moderation

Started by: LivLiv

Hm, this is interesting, personality I think it could be a good idea. So if we do go through with this I think the moderators should be the first people who requested there game first. Like for example who ever request the Batman telltale series games or series first should be added. I think only one person form every telltale series should be added like one from Minecraft, Batman, borderlands, walking dead and so on. It’s a Good idea and I guess it would be kind of unique from other games since talltale is like a series in a series which is kind of odd. But at the same time this is like adding a “rockstar games series” but I think this is a little different and could workout

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