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Forum: The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery

Thread: Couple questions regarding the run for this game.

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

Type anything with the keyboard. There are hotkeys in the game that output pre-generated commands, such as ctrl+a for Ask about..., which author and myself use quite a bit throughout the run. In SCI0 games, which this one is, you can hit either F3 or spacebar to repeat your last given command as well.

There are a few other quirks to the game that I can expound upon if you want.


Forum: King's Quest Collection

Thread: Configuring DOSBox and various options

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

Set cycles=auto to cycles="X" where X is your chosen value.
ems=false; fixes the crash that would otherwise cause the game to crash at arbitrary times.

Highly suggested:
autolock=true (can be toggled on/off with ctrl+f10)

fullresolution=desktop (makes it your desktop's current resolution)
windowresolution=something somewhat smaller than your desktop's current resolution.
aspect=true; will make the window 4:3 rather than 16:9 like most modern displays
scaler=normal2x; scales the resolution 2x for a clearer picture

Music options:
MT32 emulation makes the music and sound effects a lot more engaging, lively, and amazing. Here is how to get it working:
NOTE: MT32 emulation only works on KQ 1 SCI, 4-7.
Download MUNT:
Download Roland MT32 roms:

Extract the roms to any directory.
Run MUNT and go to options => ROM configuration. Change the directory to where you extracted the ROMs. Select MT32_CONTROL.ROM and MT32_PCM.ROM
In DOSBOX config search for "midiconfig=" and change it to "midiconfig=1"
Launch DOSBox and a notification should come up stating: "Connected Application: DOSBox.exe mt32emu-qt.exe"
Go to the game's directory and open up resource.cfg.
Change soundDrv=ADL.DRV to soundDrv=MT32.drv


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Thread: Thinking of running this game

Started by: TheRealShyftTheRealShyft

I do not personally run DOTT, but I do run Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis which is the same SCUMM engine version. We've come across a number of glitches that we're theorizing may work with DOTT and may work as considerable skips. I aim to learn the current route and work with the FoA community to see if we can make the glitches work in DOTT.

For your edit question: there are hotkeys for the verbs and you can use period to skip dialog and ESC or click both LMB and RMB on the mouse to skip cutscenes. A technique we use for FoA, since it is very dialog heavy, is to hold down period and use the mouse to select dialog; when played on ScummVM you cannot input two keyboard strokes at the same time.
The hotkeys for the verbs are as follows: G for give, P for Pick-Up, U for Use, O for Open, L for Look-at, S for Push, C for Close, T for Talk-to, and Y for Pull.

Hope this helps in any way.

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Forum: Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Thread: Obtaining CD image and ScummVM and setting it all up.

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

(edited: )

Google "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis iso" and go to the first link provided. is the download link for ScummVM.
Once downloaded, installed, and opened, click options and tick the "aspect ratio correction" option. This will make the video 4:3 aspect ratio instead of 16:9; there is an auto splitter in the works and this will be necessary for it to work.
Next click Add Game and go to where you extracted the zip of the image. Another dialogue for game specific configurations will come up, but you can just hit ok to go past that.
It should be perfectly set up from there. It is recommended to play this in either fullscreen or a maximized window. I personally play in a borderless fullscreen window using a program called "Windowed Borderless Gaming". I will link this in a separate thread a long with instructions if anyone is interested.
You should be all ready to go with this.


Forum: The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery

Thread: Couple questions regarding the run for this game.

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

Alright thanks. I'm interested in running super sleuth as well. Do you have a written route for that as well?
What about the max cycles questions?


Forum: The Colonel's Bequest: A Laura Bow Mystery

Thread: Couple questions regarding the run for this game.

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

What are the cycles set to for the two current categories? Are max cycles allowed? If not, could they be for a separate category? Is there a written route or any type of resources available?
Thanks in advance.


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Thread: Discord server?

Started by: ChuckGrodyChuckGrody

Anyone have a discord server up for this game? I'd like to get back into running it and wouldn't mind bouncing ideas off other runners or getting help with the newer tech/strats.

If one doesn't exist yet, then I'd be happy to make it myself and set it up.

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Thread: Updated console list

Started by: CrowCrow

How about the Gameboy core of the jailbroken NT Mini?