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Thread: Discord?

Started by: ChillChill

Would be useful for discussing strategies...



Thread: Extra% - New Levels!

Started by: ChillChill

Recently MEANDERS has received an update with 10 extra levels! These levels are separate from the main game and you don't have to beat Any% to unlock them.

I've decided to add an extra category called Extra% which consists of beating the 10 extra levels as quickly as possible. The same rules apply to Extra%

Board Changes:
- All levels now requires you to beat the 10 extra levels
- 100% now requires you to 100% the 10 extra levels
(Extra time will be added to the current records on 100% and all levels once I get an idea of the average time it takes to beat Extra%.)
- Added all 10 extra levels to the Level Leaderboard.

I've also noticed that the speedrun mode slow load times seems to be fixed? (yay!)

It's a rare sight to have 10 extra levels that are not optimized at all! (Free World Records!) I'm excited to start routing and speedrunning the 10 extra levels.

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Thread: MEANDERS @ ESA Summer 2018!

Started by: ChillChill

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Just posting this thread in case anybody hasn't heard the news that MEANDERS will be live-streamed @ ESA 2018.

ESA Summer 2018 ( is a charity speedrun marathon in benefit of the humanitarian organization Save the Children.

The Any% run will be showcased on Thursday 26th July 2018 9:40 PM CEST on the second Livestream channel ( )
@ThatRumme will be running the game and I'll be there too.

Please consider checking out the Livestream and supporting Save The Children. 🙂

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Thread: Bad/Good 3d platformer

Started by: CuttyflameCuttyflame

Oh, 3D platformers are my favourite to speedrun.
Short speedrun (10 minutes) with a range of short puzzles to solve.

Nova Flow:
Favourite game to speedrun atm, fast-paced game where you jump from platform to platform while shooting colours to speed up or bounce.

Neat game, haven't submitted it to SRC yet but have done a few runs. You have an "echo" following you which copies all your actions.

All of these games have small communities, it would be great to see more people run 🙂

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Thread: Looking for a PC Speedrun game

Started by: DaikatanaDaikatana

MEANDERS Any% WR is 8 minutes 40 seconds


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Thread: Small community looking for runners?

Started by: SeydieSeydie

The game came out like three weeks ago and the current small community is active. The developer is pretty sweet too, implementing an individual level timer in the near future and always fixes any bugs. Similar to a game called Refunct, but still a completely different in a sense.


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Thread: Cuphead Legacy Patch Freeze

Started by: [Deleted user]

Reinstall game, Cuphead has a built in feature in its properties to change back to legacy.


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Thread: Looking for some verifiers

Started by: SalmonBuffaloSalmonBuffalo

1) Discord name (so we can communicate with you)

2) General availability
Currently at school three days a week, on those days I won't be able to do much. Other then that I'm generally at home.

3) How much time you think you can commit to the boards per week
Realistically I can probably commit half my day for the boards on my days off school.

4) Why you want to be a verifier in the first place
As with most people I enjoy seeing other people succeed and giving them a spotlight to share their times with the world. I have been getting more involved with the community on discord recently, especially learning more about the "Results screen skip" recently found, I dedicated time to testing the glitch on every level in the game and helped determine where it is most optimal or does not work at all. Been trying to figure out why the game crashes on Beppi sometimes and learning how to get more consistent at the glitch. I love the technical side of cuphead and exploring the deepest parts of the game, from breaking it to improving times. Watching people's runs will help me truly understand the game more, seeing how people get that best time and the strategies they use to seeing what went wrong.

All though I'm quite new to speedrunning games, I have been watching speedruns for years. I'm the kind of person who sticks to one game until I beat it to the ground.