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[Updated 5th August 2020]

Red Twin Info for Chiki Chiki Boys

These notes are probably best followed while watching a run- they may not make much sense without a reference as they are very wordy.

Character name: The character name is important as it determines the luck stat (which affects coin drops) - see and for details. Any name with 31 next to it in the full name list is viable.

General tips:
Magic bombs explode when they touch any edge of the screen, you can use this to kill bosses more quickly.
If you decide against the sword upgrade - good luck, you're likely losing minutes just to trash enemies taking two hits instead of one and bosses taking longer to sword down.
Don't be afraid to damage boost through cycle-based stuff- it's unlikely you'll die to anything, and there's plenty of health around.

Level Order: Round 2->3->1

In Round 2, you need to get a minimum of 9000 coins to buy the first sword upgrade, but at least 10200 is preferred so you can buy an extra magic. Get close to the miniboss so the second bomb kills him. Head down grabbing the coins on the chains and the magic at the bottom. Head along the top route Be patient with the dragon boss, it has the longest invulnerability frames of any boss in the game.
In the shop, buy the sword and as many bombs as you can afford.

In Round 3, the rows of 3 yellow fish at the start drop 500 coins if you kill them all. The miniboss can be killed in one magic if you get the timing and position right, hit it at the bottom and hope it keeps jumping- it's not guaranteed. What you do next depends on how much magic you have left after the miniboss. If you have 0, you need to take a death before or at the very start of the boss fight, then use the refilled magic on it, sword swingng the rest. If you have 1 (the preferred situation) then you kill the first phase with that, take a death in the intermission and use 3 of the refilled magic bomber to finish it off.
In the shop, buy as many bombs as you can afford.

In Round 1, pick up the magic at the end of the first area before the miniboss becomes vulnerable. if you have less than max health you can take advantage of the i-frames that the health pickup in the middle gives you to make the quick kill on the miniboss easier. Take the upper route when you enter the next area- there is a chest that only takes an extra second to access with at least 500 coins inside. Grab the magic, and if you are low in coins you can swing at the sign next to it for some more.
The boss in this level can be a jerk, his main body doesn't become vulnerable until his arms have been destroyed. The ball is a terrible magic in all respects and it's what you have to deal with the boss with. Good luck- the boss can take 10 seconds from you if it wants to.
In the shop, buy as many bombs as you can afford and move on.

In all of the round 4 levels, it is your main job to ensure that you have 6000 coins at the end of each level in order to buy a full set of bombs. This is simple in 4-1. The upper route, where you take the platforms along, costs 5 seconds but nets you several thousand easy coins, which should be enough with the addition of the chest towards the boss room.
The miniboss has a skip that I don't fully understand how it works. My understanding is that you need to keep the sprites from being onscreen, damage the boss to the point where a double-hit from a bomb will kill it, and then ensure as much of the dragon as possible is obscured. I haven't managed to get it to 100% consistency yet, but that is what I know about the skip, which saves at least 10 seconds.

In 4-2, use one bomb on the first miniboss (the repeat of the Round 3 miniboss, this time without healthbar but with two blue fish instead of one) and sword swing the rest of its health down. The second miniboss takes two bombs and one sword swing to kill, I usually alternate the two actions. There are chests hidden behind the two pillars at each stage of this section, 4 of them contains coins, one has a star (that just gives points) and one of them contains a blue health pickup. In the next area there's a fairy that, if you are low on coins and have full health, you can swim into for a 50/50 chance at an extra magic. If you are not at full health, it acts as a blue health pickup. There is a hidden chest on the upper level of this area, which has 500 coins inside. Pick up the magic, damage boost through the rotating spikes and pick up the health in the next area's hidden chest to gain more i-frames that should allow you to get to the boss faster. Kill the boss with 3 bombs once it becomes vulnerable. If you end up being a bit short on coins there is an extra magic in the next level.

In 4-3, head straight to the right unless you need the magic on the upper path. You can damage boost through the falling spikes to save a few seconds on each set. This miniboss is annoying, he is immune whenever he is jumping and whenever he has his sword up to parry. He takes two magic to kill if you get lucky, but you may need to sword swing at him, and how long it takes is entirely RNG. The TAS has a manipulation to get the best pattern but I've not been able to replicate this RTA. The first hit with the magic should be free. Let the skull hit the floor and pick up the 500 coins.

The flames in the next area have coins behind them, but you shouldn't need them unless you are really low on coins. The boss is immune whenever his wings are not spread. As per any boss in this route, he takes 3 bombs to kill. The boss drops 10 coins that are each worth at least 500 each. Pick them all up before you grab the scroll.

4-4 onwards is stupidly easy for coins. The first section of 4-4 is an autoscroller, with chests along the way that contain 500 coins each, with a blue health pickup half way up and a red health pickup available if needed on the left hand side of the miniboss room. Said miniboss is a repeat of the scorpion boss. Use two bombs on it and sword swing the rest. Try to have full health for the next section. There are two fairies, each giving a 50% chance of getting a bonus magic, and these will make the next bossfight much faster. The guys on clouds in this area will push you back really far, avoid them as much as possible- it's quicker to wait for them to leave the screen. The boss is a 2 parter. The first phase has longer invulnerability frames so use magic on that. If you have 5 magic, use 3 on the first form and 2 on the second. If not, scale back magic use based on the assumption that the second form is better to swing at.

The climb in 4-5 is all about speed, ignore the magic on the way up- you should have 5 anyway and using one just lags the game, slowing you down overall. When you get to the top you will be put into the next area. Ignore the first fairy. I don't think it's possible to avoid the second one without losing more time than you would have gained otherwise.
The miniboss here takes two magic and a sword swing to kill, I alternate to push him to the edge of the screen, ensuring both magic uses hit. The main boss himself takes 3 magic and a sword swing to kill. Remember, not every position he goes to will allow you to get a hit on him, sometimes he phases straight back out- be careful of this. Ensure you have at least 5000 coins at the point you touch the scroll here, and if you want to go for best ending, grab the key from the hidden chest in his crystal ball while the cutscene is ongoing.

4-6 is an autoscroller. Avoid being hit on the way down, and stand as close to the centre of the screen at the end for the fastest possible transition out of the level.

You can transition from the coin collection section to the fall to the boss slightly faster by jumping to the bottom of the screen manually, be careful not to do it too early as this can lose the time back. The final boss is a pushover, 3 magic and it's done. Grab the scroll at the soonest opportunity and you're done.

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Notes have been updated to reflect the intentional death we take to smooth coin RNG, as well as other info from the TAS

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