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Forum: Washing Machine Simulator 2001

Thread: Why were mod changes reverted?

Started by: MsushiMsushi

I am shocked and appalled at the audacity of the global mods. Each and every one of those mods, myself included, did an outstanding job. I demand an explanation.


Forum: Washing Machine Simulator 2001

Thread: MODS!!!!

Started by: nnmnnnmn

can i have mod thanks


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Skips and timesavers

Started by: WeegeechanWeegeechan

I'm not too interested in any%. This would be more for a segmented run.


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Skips and timesavers

Started by: WeegeechanWeegeechan

Man, it's so weird. I've gotten it more 4 times since making that post, after countless hours replicating. I discovered it's partially caused by a speedup glitch caused by disabling v-sync, and having an FPS over 200 (absolute lowest settings), and flooding the game with commands + perfect placement (where you do the v111 coverslide in Bubble's latest run).

BUT, if pulled off, it saves, like, 2 minutes. You end up near Greentech, do the usual route, go to goodneighbor, get some molotovs, maybe some other fire power, do a coverslide from v111 (set up at goodneighbor) to the museum in power armor, then blamo, time saved.

But, as I said, it's difficult to pull off, and you can't do that speedup glitch while streaming or recording, unless you have a godly computer. If I figure it out, I'll make a video maybe.


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Downgrade patches

Started by: DaletDalet

Looks like 1.6 was released an hour ago


Forum: Fallout 4

Thread: Skips and timesavers

Started by: WeegeechanWeegeechan

The other day, I was messing around with the rta route for this game, and discovered something that I could only pull off with a specific save, and haven't been able to pull off since. It starts off with a standard slide from v111, but instead of landing anywhere, you fall under the map, and land relatively close to green tech. I don't really know what I did prior to this, but I had at this for a few hours, and couldn't replicate it. I figured it's worth mentioning because this can be used to speed up the museum cutscene (getting molotovs in goodneighbor, and using it during the fight). Has anyone else experienced this?


Forum: Half-Life 2

Thread: why no old engine cutsceneless

Started by: [Deleted user]

doesn't exist


Forum: Easter Speedsters Marathon

Thread: Questions

Started by: LyriatiLyriati

What I want to know is if chibi pocketed the money. I asked him on the stream, and he said you'd be emailed a receipt, but chibi has already been caught lying with multiple aspects of this marathon and doing other questionable things (asking speedrundrama to take their video down; faking the deus ex run instead of saying the runner dropped out; whatever else I missed), so I don't really trust anything he says.

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Forum: Mirror's Edge

Thread: Naechester

Started by: PacPac

I wonder how blissfully unaware this guy is of his actions.

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