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So, as I'm practicing Ch6, and slowly getting better at the level, I was wondering if there was going to be an NG+ IL Section added for the levels, or is it on the category extensions?


You seem to already know about the category extensions page... Yes it's on there.


Unless NG+ ILs got moved to somewhere else on Category Extensions and I'm just entirely missing it, then no, it's not on there anymore/do not exist. I know this because I would frequently check both my time and other people's times on their NG+ ILs daily. Then they vanished one day, now all that's left when I click on my bookmark that takes me to NG+ City IL is "ERROR: Invalid category." No idea if they'll be added back or why they were removed in the first place.

Open to be called out/corrected, though. Happy double dashing~


The IL leaderboards for Category Extensions were removed because 1.) very few people would run them and most were empty or only had 1-2 people with runs (many were made with low effort to get free WRs) and 2.) there were organizational problems with the boards themselves (creating things like Core NG+) that would require complete reconstruction of the leaderboards internally. I was informed over discord about this since I had submitted to a majority of the IL categories, and I assume others were as well, and they wanted to know if we had any major qualms with it being deleted.

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