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Wanted to submit a run for a Celeste C side level *Old Site," but was rejected because the Chapter Complete screen wasn't shown. I'm playing on Switch with the video capture built-in (30s maximum).

Other submissions from Switch (including the overall 4th place) don't show the chapter complete screen. I am new and can't message anyone, but does Switch get a pass on this requirement given its limited video capacity?



Older runs may haven't shown the chapter complete screen because the rule that the chapter complete screen has to be shown was just added on April 16th, 2019, according to #announcements on the discord.

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Ah... I missed out by thiiiiis much.

Thanks for the reply!


Thought: think submitting the 30s capture of the start and then a separate 30s capture with the chapter complete screen (and an overlap of the last 15s of the run) would suffice? I'm not really sure what the intent is behind ensuring that the chapter complete screen is captured. Aesthetics for the site's video catalogue (all videos same format, same completeness, artwork included)? Is there a validation only possible by capturing the chapter complete screen? I'd have to imagine capturing the 30s of run, then another 30s video afterward with the complete screen, and then splicing them via an editing software seems like it does more to discredit the run than just posting two 30s captures...


Chapter complete screen is required for verification purposes. It shows the version number, if assist/variant mode was used and if Everest was installed.

If the built-in capture doesn't suffice and you don't have access to a capture device you can always just point a camera at the screen and upload that. This is perfectly valid as long as the quality of the footage is good enough to make out the final time.

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So is that to say that taking two separate captures where the video overlaps would not be acceptable? Would this be different if the two videos were merged (not edited, just included in the same movie file) and uploaded as one video?


I'm not too familiar with how the Switch capturing works, what exactly would two videos merged into one movie file look like? Do you have an example video? Either way, you are definitely on the safe side with capturing one continuous video with "regular" methods.


I mean I would post the full run, time would stop, clock would turn gold. Then maybe I cut to black, and then start the second video which has the last 15s, the same movements, same finish time, and it goes to chapter complete. I’d just make them one file so it was all in the same place.

The Switch has a capture button you can hold that lets you save the last 30s of gameplay as a video. So I’d run a C-side in less than 30s, capture the full run, as the game continues playing to the chapter complete scene. Then I would capture a second video with the last 30s shown, which would include the end of the run and the chapter complete screen.

Main improvement over recording with an external camera is quality of audio/video, and I wouldn’t need to leave a camera filming as I make attempts.


If you have a not completely trash phone (anything made in the past like....ehh...7 years or so) you can easily stream from your phone or if you have a webcam and a decent pc you can also stream from that. Streaming eliminates the worry of not having enough space on your switch or your camera and also avoids the problems associated with the Switch’s built in 30s capture ability not being long enough.

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