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Forum: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Thread: Credits Warps Category

Started by: Carter44Carter44

I did this recently and it’s sparked a lot of interest in doing credits warps/game end glitch I was wondering if we could have a category for it

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Forum: Dig Dug (NES)

Thread: How to kill fast

Started by: PlNKYPlNKY

Walking towards enemies while mashing the fire button is how you cancel it and kill them the fastest


Forum: Dig Dug (NES)

Thread: How to kill fast

Started by: PlNKYPlNKY

Mash the fire button really fast instead of holding it down


Forum: Short Order / Eggsplode!

Thread: Eggsplode

Started by: JoePulitoJoePulito

I’m also very interested in some Eggsplode categories

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Forum: Hit Marmot

Thread: Leaderboard update

Started by: Carter44Carter44

Hit Marmot isn't a game that loops forever, it has an actual ending after 30 stages. To reflect that I created new categories for each game mode and I left the old 100k category since it already has a nice handful of runners

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Forum: Venice Beach Volleyball

Thread: Category Change Proposal

Started by: Carter44Carter44

The way the game works is that the it consists of three rounds and then it goes back to the title screen. That means that the current categories are only beating the first level out of three which means the game isn't considered beat. I have done a basic run of the whole game to show how I think the categories should be 🙂

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Forum: Dig Dug (NES)

Thread: When does time start and when does it end?

Started by: AquaBlakeAquaBlake

Time starts as soon as you press the start button to start the game. Using level splits is completely up to the runner


Forum: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Thread: The WR time there is listed wrongly

Started by: PresJPolkPresJPolk

The rules absolutely should have stated that timing starts on gaining control, that was a mistake. The reason it starts on gaining control instead of the title screen is that it’s usually very hard to tell when the title screen is started when using the RNG manipulation


Forum: The Lion King (Genesis/MegaDrive)

Thread: Adding All Difficulties category

Started by: EIGHT

An all difficulties seems like it would make a better race format than an actual category but if there’s enough runners that want it I don’t have a problem with adding it

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Forum: Baby Boomer

Thread: Zapper VS Controller

Started by: Carter44Carter44

I decided to separate zapper runs and controller runs since this game gives the option to use both. Now it’s consistent with other games of this fashion like Operation Wolf and Mechanized Attack


Forum: The Lion King (Genesis/MegaDrive)

Thread: Hardware and Emulator issues.

Started by: InsomnimaticInsomnimatic

Given that we have a pretty equal ratio of runs that are on original hardware and runs that are on emulator, I think splitting them would be a good choice. Adding time to runs might turn into a funky situation if different emulators would require different amounts to be added

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Forum: Duck Hunt

Thread: WiiuVc?

Started by: DislexsicknikDislexsicknik

It’s allowed. There just hasn’t been any submissions for it. It’s also not a great option because the frame rate is overall slower than the NES


Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Looking for a mod or 2

Started by: SuperPitFroSuperPitFro

I’d be willing to help out. I’ve been on this leaderboard for years at this point

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Forum: Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic

Thread: New Death Warp

Started by: Carter44Carter44

I found a new death warp/wrong warp that takes you from 1-1 directly to 1-3, saving about a minute. The only catch is that you need to game over and start again for it to work. Would this be allowed in runs? And if so when would the timing start?

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Forum: Wally Bear and the NO! Gang

Thread: i need help

Started by: nyoshi10nyoshi10

You need to hold down and press jump


Forum: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

Thread: Speedrun

Started by: Gargon100Gargon100

Speed Demos Archive has some stuff about if. If you want to message me on discord I’ll be more than happy to explain it all

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Forum: Super Mario Bros. 2

Thread: Possible new glitch discovery?

Started by: Carter44Carter44

That’s the conclusion I came to as well


Forum: The Lion King (Genesis/MegaDrive)

Thread: Rules Update Proposal

Started by: 8BitsOfJoy8BitsOfJoy

This all looks good to me too

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Just ordered my NES, anything I should know?

Started by: raymondamantiusraymondamantius

Make sure you are using an original power supply, not a new repro. Most of the new ones will eventually deteriorate your picture quality and could possibly hurt your system

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