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Thread: New speed runner help

Started by: Jay6199Jay6199

As long as the video contains the full run without any part cut, it should get verified. Although keep in mind that if you don't have a timer next to the game on the video (which probably is true for your run since you're uploading from PS4) the moderators will have to manually time your run to make sure the time submitted is accurate, so it might take longer than usual.


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Thread: Birth by Sleep - Marathon Runs Database

Started by: RebelDragon95RebelDragon95

CapitanBublo - Ventus Any% Beginner @ SRE06 -

CapitanBublo - Terra Any% Beginner @ SRE en Casa -

Both runs are in Spanish and were done for Speedruns Español, the main Spanish-speaking speedrunning community


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Thread: Why we don't loves multi-segments ? *snif*

Started by: Benjamin_Sama__Benjamin_Sama__

Just noticed no one answered here, so sorry about it. I'm no sure what do you mean by "multi-segments" runs, so I'll just do this:
If you mean grinding different days of a heist separately, there are some heists in which fastest strat for some of the days is not the best for the full heist run, and so having multi-segment runs would mean the best time for that would not be possible RTA.
And if you mean running multiple heists in a row, you can always try Crime Spree, but we had Contractor% set up for some time before, until Starbreeze/Overkill came back from the dead and kept adding new content. Unfortunately that means every time there is a new update, some of the runs there would become automatically invalid, and so we decided to delete them. That shouldn't stop you from giving them a try tho! But no leaderboards for them yet unfortunately.

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Thread: alaskan deal any botless rekord WITH BOTS!

Started by: nasupernasuper

I have checked every single botless run on the boards and moved those that used bots to the any% subcategory. Although I have to add that 99% of the runs were pre-henchman update so they technicaly are botless runs since they don't recieve any boost from playing with bots, but moved them anyway for the sake of having consistent leaderboards.

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Thread: question

Started by: SDI_VoorheesSDI_Voorhees

We have been busy lately (blame exams), so runs are taking a few more days to get verified. But normally we try to verify runs before a week.

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Thread: New to Speedrunning

Started by: DeathtocaklDeathtocakl

For each category, rules can be seen on the "View Rules" button at the top right of the leaderboards. For the runs, you need to have a full recording of it without any cuts in the video, there's no need to have a timer on the video anymore. Yes, mushrooms can be done at level 1 without stat boosts but with very specific strats. And about the Draw Rings, afaik the stats you get from the accessories are not good enough to surpass the damage floor, meaning you'll keep doing the same damage because of how scaling works, so it's better to have Draw Rings to grab more of the MP drops that Demyx's water clones give, as you'll need to use Megalixers less frequently.

Hopefully that answers all of your questions, and welcome to the communitty! 😃

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Thread: No runs awaiting verification?

Started by: JoostagramJoostagram

Before your runs appear in the leaderboards one of the mods has to watch it and verify it, which might take a few days. I don't know why they are not showing up in your profile but we can see them, they "exist", so don't worry about that.

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Thread: KH2 Modifications & Changes

Started by: CrystalCrownCrystalCrown

I think the ideas for the new categories look really good and I'm excited to see them in the leaderboards. About CoR skip, I disagree with it being banned (maybe there should be a poll to decide this?), we should keep both NMS Gold Crown and "real" Gold Crown.


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Thread: Crime Spree update!

Started by: CapitanBubloCapitanBublo

After some discussion, we have finally reached a conclussion about the ruleset change regarding Crime Spree runs. On the one hand, we want to keep the "complete it as fast as you can" idea while on the other hand we want to make sure it is a fun category so that people can enjoy running it. Because of that, we decided to add 2 new subcategories to the Crime Spreee leaderboards:

It's your typical Any% category, where the idea is to beat the game as fast as possible. You can spend as much coins as you want and do heists any times you want. It's basically the current ruleset.

In order to make it a fun category with variety and to avoid spending more than half of the run rerrolling until you get FBI Server or a Transport, we will add a limit of 5 rerrolls between heists and you will only be able to do the same heist once.

The speedrunning mod will be required but not allowed during the runs, as we believe being able to adapt to the situations you might be given is part of Crime Spree.
Last, I'd like to apologise for those who have had their CS runs waiting for verification for months. We will start verifying them as soon as we can!


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Thread: Crime Spree runs

Started by: tomextomex

Well, we had some discussion but we didn't reach a final conclussion. But yeah, you are right, we need to finally decide what to do with them. I will talk with the rest of the mod team. Sorry for all the time you have had to wait for your run to be verified and thanks for bringing this topic back as we really need to take care of it.


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Thread: Kingdom Hearts III IGT

Started by: neraigoneraigo

On my stream yesterday, the very 1st loading screen, when I loaded a savefile before starting a run, it took around 20s, whereas when I didn't load any save and I directly started a new game, it took aroun 28s (playing on a PS4 w/ HDD). Maybe, depending on the world you load on that savefile, it could affect the loading times throughout the run.
-28s load:

-20s load:


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Thread: Speedrunning Mod

Started by: davidwiki8davidwiki8

Unfortunately, as you said, there is no way of installing mods on console so you wont be able to use RNG modifier. However that doesn't mean your runs wont be verified (as long as you submit as played from a console).

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Thread: General Leaderboard Discussion Thread

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

1. Timer starts on Brightness screen confirmation and ends on the beam after Trinity beam hitting Xehanort.

2. Add every Lvl1 category seems like the best thing to do imo.

3. I believe DLC keyblades shouldn't be allowed unless they become available for everyone. If they ever become available, I wouldn't create a different category for any% DLC, since I think they wont be released at a very high price, and I see that price as an investment to do to improve your times, similar to HDD vs SSD issue.

4. If people want to run AW then I don't see any problem with adding it to the leaderboards. Although if it's only going to be run by a few people I think the best idea is to add it as a miscellaneous category. And also to add to the categories discussion I think it'd great to add an All Battle Portals misc. category.

5. I don't know which has a bigger impact, if PS4 vs PS4 Pro or HDD vs SSD. I think the best idea would be to separate the one that has the bigger impact and add the other as a filter. Here's what I mean: if PS4 Pro HDD saves 5 min over PS4 HDD, and PS4 SSD saves 10 min over PS4 HDD, I would split HDD and SSD, and have PS4 and PS4 Pro as a filter.

And for IGT vs RTA, as long as there's no way of making IGT 100% consistent I wouldn't consider adding it as a main timing method (maybe create an option to add it for the submission but only as something secondary). If we end up with a way of removing load times that isn't manually (because that would be too hard both for who is submitting and who is verifying), then we could merge all consoles and hard drives together (something like the script Crash NST has would be amazing but I don't know if someone would be willing to put his time and effort to do it for free)


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Thread: Alternate player views

Started by: amyrlinnamyrlinn

That depends completely on the team submitting the run. As only the host viewpoint is needed to submit a run, most of the time only the host is the one recording on coop runs.


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Thread: Regarding a submitted run by @nasuper

Started by: CapitanBubloCapitanBublo

@nasuper as I couldn't find you on Discord I'm making this post to tell you that you mistakenly submitted again your old rejected Aftershock run. Please edit it and reply to this post once you do that, and I (or any other mod) will verify it.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Recoded

Thread: Are Emulator runs ok?

Started by: DavdusDavdus

You can find a pack with the allowed emu, ROM and GOSU savefile on the Resources tab.


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Thread: Do you need to have spilts on screen to submit a run?

Started by: Melon10900Melon10900

You don't need to have splits, the only requirement is a timer. The problem with PS4 timer is that it has been tested and it's not accurate. What you can do is stream your runs with PS4 and then download the stream and add a timer onto it with a video editing software.


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Thread: hey. need some help.

Started by: NinotapikoNinotapiko

Nobody is going to say anything if you submit it, you should do what you feel like doing. We all have started somewhere, and I'm sure you are not the only one whose 1st run was that long, so if you want to see your name on the leaderboards, just submit it!

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