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  Super modMeGotsThis
Please use this topic to indicate your dates of availability (times if possible)
One post per runner (you can edit your post). Any posts after your first post will ignored.

If you have not read the game submission info, please read it first:
Hi, I will not be available to do a run on Sunday. I submitted one game and a glitch exhibition for Paper Mario. I would be available for my run any time on Friday or Saturday.
Same with me. iycewynd's run is a bonus/donation incentive if my run for Paper Mario gets in.
I'm available on Saturday and Sunday (not Friday).

EDIT: For PC runs, I'll need to bring my own laptop, unless we can find a way to install the game through disc onto a PC before the run.
I can make myself available at any time, but I would prefer to run on either Friday night, Saturday, or Sunday morning. I have school during the week and need time to travel.
I'm available after 7pm Friday, then all Saturday and Sunday.
I'm available for all dates and times
I'm available any time Saturday and Sunday (no Friday).
I am available on any day of the event, any time.
I'll be available Saturday evening till midnight, and Sunday from about noon till closing. The later, the better.
I only have saturday and sunday, between noon and noon.
Oh do we post our availability here? I'm available any time.
im available any time on the 18th and 19th
I'm available the whole time.
I'm available whenever Saturday and sunday
can potentially swing being able to run a game friday night, otherwise anytime sat/sun is good
Saturday/Sunday is most optimal for me. Can swing Friday if absolutely necessary.
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