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Thread: How many of you guys would run 1%?

Started by: MetroidFanatic101MetroidFanatic101

the thing about 1% is that it can take 10 minutes or it can take you days to finish once. Each time you go out of bounds you need to perform several frame perfect pause buffers that really only satvara is consistent with. Nobody runs it because it is both short and extremely difficult. It doesn't really show what the game has to offer in terms of movement and execution.


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Thread: Emulator RTA rules

Started by: CScottyWCScottyW

Mostly copied from Eagle's post on the mzm forum but added here for convenience: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mzm/​thread/​syvkl

If you want to submit emulator RTA, these are the requirements:

Bizhawk with mGBA core, TAS profile and proper firmware must be used. If any other emulator is used, you can only submit in-game time. Video of the entire run is required. At the start or the end of the run, these things need to be shown:

1) mGBA core selected
2) TAS profile selected
3) Proper firmware selected
4) In addition to all of the above, a soft or hard reset must be visible at the beginning of the run in your submission video.

Also, this should be a given, but emulator specific functions like save states, pausing the emulator or speeding it up are not allowed, regardless whether you're submitting RTA or not.

Please also include what version of bizhawk you're using in your submission. This makes it a lot easier to gather data.

If any of these requirements aren't met for your submission, it is very likely that we will reject it. We will be very strict when it comes to emulator RTA submissions, but I am glad that this is now an option. Hopefully it will make the leaderboards a lot nicer to look at in the future.

If you want to know how to set this up, please consult Dragonfangs' video (this is for zero mission but the same applies to Fusion):

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Thread: Glitched Hatch in Kraid's Lair

Started by: HellBlade64HellBlade64

Missile doors stay open once you open them the first time, it’s not a glitch as far as I know. They only close after you from super Metroid onwards.


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Thread: Console / Emulator RTA data thread (please help submit!)

Started by: EagleEagle

Emulator - BizHawk

1:15:25 - 54:22 - NA - v1.11.9.1
Notes: Late Brinstar, Early Kraid, two extra transitions in chozodia, two extra in Ridley, sam strat, refilled at screw attack. Lots of emu lag before exiting Kraid.

1:13:06 - 53:10 - NA - v1.12.1
Notes: Late Brinstar, Early Kraid, sam strat ¤no firmware¤

1:13:09 - 52:15 - NA -v1.12.1
Notes: Late Brinstar, Early Kraid, sam strat, two extra transitions in chozodia, four extra in Ridley ¤now with more firmware¤

1:12:38 - 51:56 - NA - v1.12.1
Notes: Early Brinstar, Early Kraid, sam strat, two extra transitions in chozodia

1:11:08 - 50:33 - NA - v1.12.2
Notes: Early Brinstar, Early Kraid, sam strat, extra fast transition and slow transition in chozodia. Refill glitch