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Thread: Live split pngs

Started by: IdainAuzkovynIdainAuzkovyn

I havent checked for MMX specifically, but i find almost anything i need by using Spriter's Resource, heres a link:

If its not a png file, you should be able to easily convert it with paint or another editing tool. Transparency however, would take something else like canva or photoshop


Forum: Super Mario Land

Thread: This game needs another moderator.

Started by: StigmatStigmat

I would love to assist in some way, but I feel that my level of expertise wouldn't compliment the position, even though I've been speedrunning this game on-and-off for over a decade. I have had one time that was around 13:00 but that was years ago, and I'm sitting at a stagnant 14:04 since I've been using Livesplit. I speedrun many, many games but SML is what really started it all for me. Unfortunately, I would be likely to run into IRL issues as well, as I do with just about everything else lol.

And even more unfortunately, I believe most people are in a similar position. Its no easy task to dedicate yourself to this kind of thing, and genuinely having enough knowledge of the game to spot anyone that may be trying to cheat/splice/prerecord/etc. Its one thing to just watch a run and click "verify", but its a whole other thing to scrutinize gameplay recordings to identify people who do not have the best intentions. Many speedrunners know all too well that someone with just the right amount of knowledge can make a crazy run that ends up being cheated or DQ'd in some way, and the moderators are the first wall of defense against that.

Its a position that not many people qualify for or want, and its something that is held to a high standard by people who are a part of the community. My sincere congrats go to whoever does get the position though. There are some lesser-known games that I run that can take some time to get a verification - if at all, so I totally understand what you're saying.

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Forum: Dual heroes

Thread: Run Submissions

Started by: CKLaboratoriesCKLaboratories

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to make a quick post because I have been waiting for about a week to get my new Glitchless PB approved. However, it appears that the mod for this game has not been active for quite a few months, so there may be other runs waiting for approval that have not been looked at yet.

I know that not a lot of people run this game so I figured making a post here would probably be the best way to ask.


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Thread: I can't make a video.

Started by: BrutalRattleBrutalRattle

(edited: )

Yea unfortunately I had to use my phone for my runs, thats why i dont have an entry for the full game. My last full runs that i was doing were averaging just over 40 minutes i believe. I do recall at least 75% of my runs were lost to the bathroom or riff levels (3 and 4). Things get pretty sketchy there lol.

Ive been wanting to get a capture card or something, but life makes buying other things more important.

I feel your pain bro, lol

EDIT: If i recall, the accepted time for single levels is what is displayed at the Mission Complete screen. For the whole game though, I guess you would need to go off of the video if theres no other way to time it.

If more runs appear for single levels, would we start measuring the times more closely, or have people tie if you get the same time on-screen?


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hey there!

Started by: CKLaboratoriesCKLaboratories

Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

I suppose I didn't word that last part well enough. I was talking more about the website and speed runs in general. Thing's like the forum rules and other info about the site, like preferred formats for submissions and the like. I google'd for Sarge's Heroes records and it led me here, so I basically just jumped in blind when I registered lol. Im still getting accustomed to the setup of the site. Just making sure I know the ropes before I get my equipment and start recording, ya know? 😉


Forum: Introductions

Thread: Hey there!

Started by: CKLaboratoriesCKLaboratories

Hello all! I'm new to the site, been a fan of speed runs for a long while now. Looking forward to joining the community and seeing what kind of crazy records you guys got goin on here.

I'm currently looking into running Sarge's Heroes, but I need to get some recording equipment first.

Also, where can I find some of the information that I should know if I plan on speedrunning?

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Forum: Army Men: Sarge's Heroes

Thread: Inquiries

Started by: maddavid123maddavid123

Hello all! I just created a new account here and I've been working on runs for this game for the n64 version. I don't have any recording equipment right now, but I plan on resolving this problem in the near future. I finally finished a decent run for all levels (no bootcamp), and the run came out to just about 40 minutes. I started the timer as soon I hit start on the main menu to start Attack, and I ended the run when "the end" text popped up after plastro spoke about revenge. I've been able to get 41s on the bathroom mission, and 2m55s on the Riff mission. 2m52-53s is definitely possible, but you're gonna have to fight a tank head-on and hope you can...."tank" it, and having Riff with you makes that a lot tougher.

Anyways, I know this doesn't mean I'm officially breaking any records yet, since it's all hearsay, but I have been able to plan out some decent routes for all the missions except bootcamp. Speaking of which, if anyone knows any good time-cuts in either the Shrap or Showdown missions, then I'm all ears lol. Ive gotten both of those missions down to about 4.5m each. Those are the two biggest pains in an all levels run, besides sud-jump of course lol. I could type up a list of my routes, but that'll take some time.

Either way, I should be getting some good recording equipment soon, and hopefully I'll have some playthrough videos shortly after that. Looking forward to joining the community!

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