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Forum: New Pokémon Snap

Thread: When will it start? And End?

Started by: DJ_ShocolateDJ_Shocolate

The Final cutscene before the credits is when the kids say that Pokemon recognize when people love them and give it right back or whatever. The last text box is the last input before the credits play


Forum: New Pokémon Snap

Thread: When will it start? And End?

Started by: DJ_ShocolateDJ_Shocolate

Timing begins on selecting Yes after selecting Language/Voice Over/Character, and ends on the final text box before the last cutscene


Forum: Halo Wars

Thread: Any% (Co-op) (Legendary)

Started by: BigMitchyBigMitchy

The rules say that you really only need to show the times at the end of each level, but you probably should have a timer going for Real Time as well. Most people use LiveSplit as the program. As far as categories go, that's up to the mods, but if you do the run, you could make a case for a separate board


Forum: Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour

Thread: Rules & Guidelines

Started by: CCNeverenderCCNeverender

I made a tutorial on it, but its specifically for v1.0, not the Origin version, which is v1.4, I think.

My video is here:


Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Pokémon Snap Any% Tournament 2019! Announcing the first official Snap tourney!

Started by: CCNeverenderCCNeverender

I announced this on Twitter at the start of January, but I'm posting it here as a reminder for people to sign up, if they want to participate.

Sign up here:

Rules here:

TL;DR - Format is as follows: Matches will be 1 hour in length, runners will get 5 attempts. Best completed run wins. There is a 40 minute Point of No Return where no new runs can be started (runs started before or at the 40 min mark can be completed past the hour mark)

For more information, contact me (CCNeverender) on discord/twitter/here


Forum: Halo Wars

Thread: Coop IL's

Started by: AuddyAuddy

That would be nice, yeah.
Hopefully we can get that added on. Should be pretty easy. I think its like a checkbox in the board settings lol


Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Apple bounces on Vileplume WR

Started by: CCNeverenderCCNeverender

This is the official Highscore thread for apple bounces on Vileplume. (Making this as promised to Lvon for achieveing over 10 bounces with video evidence)

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Forum: Command & Conquer: Generals

Thread: Skirmish time trials?

Started by: Mr_eVoMr_eVo

I'm not sure if there's any interest in a category like that. Have you done runs/attempts? Is it fun for you? Is it competitive? The closest thing I can think of to this would be Generals: Zero Hour - Generals Challenge mode, which is essentially glorified skirmishes


Forum: Stardew Valley

Thread: New type of Run "Statue Of Perfection"

Started by: kitsunemizuharakitsunemizuhara

you had me until the spawning glitch


Forum: Stardew Valley

Thread: Marriage% - Have tabs for each love interest?

Started by: FragbringerFragbringer

The leaderboards have Filters for a reason. also having 12 buttons on the top would look ugly


Forum: Command & Conquer: Generals

Thread: 7 brutal category?

Started by: nin_talalnin_talal

do you have a video? I'd like to see it done, and I would consider it a category if we can define it pretty well

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Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Massive question

Started by: MeowntainofcatsMeowntainofcats

as of today, we are allowing emulator runs. see our stickied forum post for details


Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Can I use an emulator?

Started by: KorvachKorvach

As of today, we are allowing emu runs for wii vc. see our post here


Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Emulator runs

Started by: CCNeverenderCCNeverender

(edited: )

We are currently allowing emulator runs for the N64 and wii vc board. We are allowing the use of RetroArch (using the Mupen64Plus-Next core) for N64, and the latest stable release of Dolphin for Wii VC. All other emulators are banned because of improper emulation (Most of them don't even work properly anyways). FOR RUNS TO BE VALID, you MUST put the title bar of the emulator in the video to show program/version info This leaderboard change is tentative, meaning that we may change our minds in the future based on new information.

Currently, emulator runs will be capped off at 22:00 and 26:00 for any% and 100% respectively. They will also be hidden by default.

For more clarification on emulator runs, feel free to ask here, on the discord, or DM a mod

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Forum: Pokémon Snap

Thread: Version Differences?

Started by: Cannon_TortoiseCannon_Tortoise

To tag onto what quo has said, NTSC actually saves a little bit of time back by being faster in the Oak Point check, but yeah, NTSC overall is slower than JP by around 20 or so seconds. On VC River 1, where we get early pesters, you can still take that poliwag picture but you have to submit it to the photo album. This really only loses around 3 seconds because you have to resubmit poliwag next round.


Forum: Command & Conquer

Thread: 'All Campaigns' categories

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

I don't really care one way or the other, but I'm leaning towards keeping it as a misc category on the game's board. I guess I feel that the Multiple CnC Games board should be reserved more for actual multi-game runs, not just multi-category runs

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Forum: Stardew Valley

Thread: Running on old versions?

Started by: IpquarxIpquarx

If you look at the changelog, you'll see that several bugs were patched out. The one that stands out to me is the infinite clay glitch. Some tiles would always drop clay, so you could Hoe the dirt, then Pickaxe it to return it to normal, then Hoe it again to get more clay. Simple things like this were in the game in earlier versions but were eventually patched out. I believe this is what Ipquarx is talking about


Forum: Fable: The Lost Chapters

Thread: Sword Of Aeons in Classic Fable

Started by: TwoWorldsTwoWorlds

this video looks like it was made 10+ years ago. Well done

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