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Hi hi...Jake here (aka gektek). Been getting the itch to speedrun something for years now but could never find a game that I really and honestly could just sit and play over and over and over and...well, we know how it works right? 😛

ANYWAY, I am very VERY new to the speedrunning community...more of a fan still at this point. Have tuned in to a SGDQ and AGDQ or two and am hooked. I am currently making an attempt at Slash 100 which I wouldn't worry too much about as I have only made it to around Level 5 so far hahaha. However, after I manage to actually finish a few times I'd love to take a run at the 100% category.

Well, just a bit of an introduction really. I am a Twitch streamer and I am hoping to begin making runs on Bushido Blade on Saturdays. I currently complete my runs using the ePSXe emulator but when/if I manage some descent times (and after I move in June :P) I will begin using my actual US console ❤️

Excited!!! 😃


I will actually be starting to run on console soon as well!
I wish you the best of luck in your attempt to beat my time. (which isn't that great)
You may notice specific types of enemy in that mode seem to prefer doing specific attacks and they are easily countered after you manage to learn of it!

When you manage to beat the slash mode would you be up for some slash mode races even? 🙂

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Well, still haven't actually beaten Slash Mode...but haven't practiced as much as I wanted to either HAHA I think I'm into or just up to Level 6 so getting there 😉 I would be SO down for races! Sounds like a fun thing to do over Summer?

For as old as the game is I've been surprised how random the random numbers really are! Its like Dark Souls but worse...especially when still learning! 😛

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I'm only available for so long as well, In July I'll go away for 5-6 months. 😱


I am getting into runs myself and I know six months laterr is a good while but I plan on getting the slash mode done and try for ANY% and maybe Story Mode

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