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Thread: Global Rules

Started by: BurstTrillsterBurstTrillster

All levels must be completed legitimately (no skips, etc.)

Special console mechanics such as binds, SR50, autofire binds (done via Zandronum, not via keyboard/mouse macros or similar) are considered fair game.

Cheats including chasecam and dropping weapons ARE NOT allowed.

ZCC (Zandronum Community Client) or other alternate Zandronum clients or "hacks" are NOT allowed.

WADs that would prevent connection to a vanilla server are banned
- inputdetectj2.pk3 (inputdetectj2_qdtno.pk3) is excluded from this rule for convenience sake.

For ease of verification, please use the "wads" command in console for each time Zandronum is loaded (start or end, whichever is more convenient).
- inputdetectj2.pk3 (inputdetectj2_qdtno.pk3) must also pass verification if used.

Video confirmation is much preferred, however as Doom tradition calls for, and in situations that recording is unable to provide quality footage, demos as provided by Zandronum may be accepted. Either of these options are required for run approval, but you may submit both.