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Started by: BupsipopBupsipop

I'd like to request that there be No Crosslink added to the leaderboards, maybe with all the standard variations (NG+, MU, Any etc.); for MU, however, 4 points must be assigned to Jump Strength, since the small space between the first 2 doors upstairs on Intex makes it impossible to complete the level, unless you have hushcracker.

The door clips that make this possible actually seem to be perfectly reliable, as I've already found jumps on Crossed Wires that allow you to bypass the door from both sides, so routes could eventually be developed.

Both Industrial Espionage and The Room would need to be skipped since they would require a hatch clip, which I don't think has been found yet. Some levels either remain the same as their standard MU counterparts (CoC and Guarded), or would simply require a rerouting (Mains and Three for All) to name a couple of levels for each.

Edit: I've uploaded a playlist of most levels that require some trick to be done without crosslink, and got rid of the awfully long proof of concept video.


Forum: Gunpoint

Thread: "Gatecrashed" Doors Block Line of Sight

Started by: BupsipopBupsipop

Not sure if anyone has noticed this yet, but on levels such as Three for All and The Trace, you are able to jump onto guards that haven't noticed you, long after they should. Doing a bit of testing I found that it's because the door that flies out of its frame once you've kicked it open stops any guard from seeing you, including Enforcers, Professionals, and The Sniper, not just the normal guards.

You can see this by the fact that only after going past the knocked-down door (towards the guard) will they see you, but you can become "hidden" again by stepping back behind it. Then, once they begin to patrol and pass the door, they'll see you as per usual.

Can't think of anywhere this could be applied within current NG+ runs, since they've either implemented them already, or would be slower with them included, but I don't run any other cats that could include this (yet), so I figured I might as well bring it to light.