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Thread: Dream Discussion

Started by: BulletsBullets

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What kinds of weird dreams have you all been having lately? Generally I feel like I have a lot of dreams but most of them don't stick in my head or I don't write them down.

I had a dream about working at a hospital that was actually a crime front that felt like it went on for forever but I remember like none of the details.

I think someone mentioned before dreaming about speedrunning but I don't think that's ever happened to me.


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Thread: pls can any mode unban my friends they apologized

Started by: BluewastakenBluewastaken

I don't think folks realize how many fake runs, even jokingly fake runs, the Minecraft mods must have to go through every time they open up their queue. The joke gets old very fast.

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Thread: ign's

Started by: Katherine_P1ssKatherine_P1ss

Ask in the Minecraft forums attached to their specific game page for the best chance of getting answers.

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Thread: Rejected Runs

Started by: Sandstorm187Sandstorm187

Most of the time run rejections are just non-malicious mistakes and not that serious of an issue worth taking such a intense approach on. Just folks missing a rule, not showing the whole run, or too low quality of a recording. Less about not trusting the player and more about holding everyone to the same standard. Rejected runs don't appear for other people if they go on your profile so it's really just a personal choice if you still want it there.

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Thread: How do I become a moderator to game?

Started by: jhonnik08jhonnik08

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Contact mods for the game if they are active, though usually it is trusted, active members of the community that are chosen. Otherwise use the Support Hub if they are inactive, but make sure to read the rules and requirements found there:

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Thread: Speedrun (Switch)

Started by: jamesjames

It's on Switch and PC but the runs are the same besides loads.

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Thread: Support thread

Started by: Bob-chickenBob-chicken

Wow that sounds miserable

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Thread: I need help with a delicate situation

Started by: WanderAgroWanderAgro

This may be a request better handled in private messages with a full mod, rather than publicly if you want a response from them. In the end there is a lot of self policing since the speedrunning community is really a lot of smaller communities and this is mainly just a repository for leaderboards, but the site does issue bans for excessive harassment on/off the site.

Best of luck resolving this, regardless.

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Thread: Opinion of current situation in

Started by: TorchicTorchic

This is a bit of a tangent but since people are already talking about it: I think the rule should be that categories shouldn't include PVP, even if the game primarily does. If people want to do runs against bots or through tutorials of online PVP games, who cares honestly? People have fun in different ways and even if I find those runs a little silly, it's potentially someone's introduction into speedrunning and they're not hurting anyone.

Now games definitely don't need a leaderboard on here to be run but: with these past games with not an insignificant amount of runners getting rejected (hundreds in some cases), where many have never speedrun before, it puts a really bad taste in their mouth and tells them that they're not welcome on the site, or that the speedrunning community is generally elitist.

Bit confused about the message above and the connection between PVP games getting accepted and "evey game just becoming inundated with pointless, arbitrary and superfluous categories for WRs". This already happens; sometimes people make a bunch of dumb categories and they run it and call WR and nobody cares. The world continues to rotate. The site manages to survive. Speedrunning is a lot more than WRs.

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Thread: My opinions on the new changes

Started by: DarQ_MassacresDarQ_Massacres

Updates are happening more, and I appreciate some of the future updates that seem to be in the works, but the current ones have made a lot of questionable changes that just feel awkward. I'm still a bit baffled by the user profile changes, even if I'm hopeful for future things.

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Thread: Narita Boy Speedrunning?

Started by: ogloccnessogloccness

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Cyberpunk 2077 has been speedrun many times, to answer your question about games needing to be bug free.

But generally people can run on whatever platform they want. Even if it isn't as stable, people usually don't have the luxury of choosing between every console and just play on whatever they have or enjoy.

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Thread: Fake run submissions

Started by: TheStrahlTheStrahl

If you write the reject reason as "spam" I believe it also may mark it for full mods to look at as well, but probably good to send them a message as well.

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Thread: Possible new Minecraft strategy

Started by: hudbomb96hudbomb96

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This is the general forums, not the Minecraft forums. You're most likely looking for here:

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Thread: Rejected run should still be approved

Started by: LOKI_QCLOKI_QC

I'm assuming it was rejected due to the length of the run compared to the length of casually playing through and both being fairly short- if this isn't the case, I would resubmit the game and emphasize that a casual player would spend x hours playing the game but due to practice/game knowledge you can significantly reduce the time it takes to play through it. As mentioned above though, make sure to fix your social links because that will also get you rejected without those or a verified email.

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Forum: The Adventure Pals

Thread: Message to mods

Started by: CrimsonIncubusCrimsonIncubus

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Making an autosplitter is something that anyone can feasibly sit down and do if you'd like to take it on:


Forum: Coloring Pixels

Thread: Book 1 ILs

Started by: AkirryAkirry

I believe @flipssflipss was planning on adding ILs as I personally didn't feel the need to have them on the board but was okay with someone else taking charge of that if it was wanted. It ends up with a lot of work for moderators in the queue but it does make it more accessible if someone feels like an entire book is too large of a time commitment.


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Thread: How long on avarage does it take for a game request to get accepted or denied?

Started by: Thubb_YTThubb_YT

I'm assuming there's currently a large backup in the queue- I have a game in there from 17 days ago and they've been pretty consistently grinding through games if you check out Latest Added. Some days there's 30 or so new games added there.


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Thread: How Do I see If My staff application got denied/approved

Started by: DetectivecowDetectivecow shows if something is still in the queue. Notification on the site as well, though I'm not sure they've ever notified me by email.