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I don’t mean to argue, but it does make a difference, that’s just fact. I understand your perspective from your casual playthrough, but this is about the speedrun. Having any extra skill point or gadget to begin with does save time, it just does. Being able to put skill points into movement upgrades immediately is faster than having to earn the points.

There’s no plan for punishment or bad intent towards those with pre-order versions, but we can’t be focused on what happens to the speedrun in the first month of release. People who did not preorder cannot have these bonuses, and a variable isn’t good enough. A variable still has them competing with others who are running the vanilla game.

This discussion should have had a very obvious decision immediately. Allowing some people to compete with advantages that others can never use is very, very wrong.

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Just completely remove pre-order content from here on out. It makes no sense to have it. Imagine someone wanting to run the game a year from now, they cant have access to it. Many other games, such as Dying Light, immediately banned it for this reason. It's fine to keep the runs that are on the board now because they are really slow, but we shouldn't encourage using them at all, or DLC stuff(but maybe make DLC stuff a variable down the road).

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You probably know me an ok amount, and with that said I know I'd make a respectable Judge. I know many games, to put it lightly. Also, I really care about and know how to handle a simple and informative layout, so OBS layout manager would be nice too.


I'm not 100% sure if I can make it, but is submitting still ok for me to do? I'm kinda low on money, but maybe it can still happen.


The FPS must be shown on screen now to prevent cheating. For example, someone could cap the game at 70 FPS and it wouldn't be easy to notice, but would still speed up the gameplay slightly. You can turn on capped FPS through steam settings, and even through DxTory settings.

Speaking of which, DxTory is a great way to cap framerate. Look it up. It's free.

Also, the pip-boy app is banned from use in runs. There are too many variables for it to be used by everyone, and it is unreliable with connecting:

-Reliable Internet is needed for it, and should never have to be needed for speedrunning unless the category is multiplayer related.
-It forces competition to invest in a tablet or smartphone, and compared to the Tingle Tuner in The Wind Waker speedruns, those are much more expensive.
-The wireless internet needs to match the network of your wired internet, and in many cases there can only be one PC with Fallout in the network for the connection to work.

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