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Thread: Difficulty Differences

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

The Difficulties aren't really that different.

All it does is it changes how often you get shields from crystals.

On Easy every 4th drop is a shield.
On Normal every 8th
On Hard every 16th.

Also on Easy you start with 4 Shields


Forum: Game Break Days

Thread: Information

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

Game Break Days: English/Englisch

The Game Break Days Cologne are a german onsite charity gaming marathon which raises money for children who suffer from cancer (

The following information are in german. If you want to know more about the marathon but can't understand german, feel free to contact one of the moderators!

Game Break Days: German/Deutsch

Bei den Game Break Days handelt es sich um ein onsite Streaming-Event welches bereits auf mehrere erfolgreiche Jahre zurückblicken kann. Gestartet als kleines Heimprojekt, wuchs die Anzahl der Interessierten immer weiter und somit auch dessen Umfang.

Connect Köln

Auch in diesem Jahr, finden die Game Break Days statt. In Köln werden die "Zelte aufgeschlagen" um vom 22.11 bis 27.11 ein unvergleichliches Streamerlebnis zu bieten.
Das Event findet in einer besonderen Kooperation mit Connect Köln statt, welche die notwendigen Räumlichkeiten, sowie Technik und Schlafplätze zur Verfügung stellen.

Bei Connect Köln handelt es sich um einen Event Veranstalter, der besonders aufgrund seiner Erfahrungen in dem Event Bereich rund um Streaming für uns in Frage kam.

Die Finanzierung des Events läuft über die Eintritts- und Übernachtungspreise auf dem Event.

Für den guten Zweck

Die Game Break Days Köln werden als 24/7 Charity Marathon veranstaltet und kommt der Stiftung "Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe" zu gute. Diese wurde 1996 von der "Deutschen Krebshilfe" ins Leben gerufen um sich besonders um die Nöte von Kindern zu kümmern, die an Krebs erkrankt sind.

Tickets & Submissions

Die Submission-Phase für das Event läuft bis zum 15.09.2019, ab diesem Zeitpunkt können dann auch Tickets für die Game Break Days Köln gekauft werden!

Mach mit

Das Event ist von Streamern für Streamer geplant. Wir möchten der kompletten Community die Möglichkeit geben, sich aktiv an dem Event zu beteiligen.
Wenn du mit einem Stream bei den Game Break Days in Köln teilnehmen möchtest, kannst du gerne deine Submission bei uns einreichen: https:/​/​gamebreakdays.​de/​index.​php?id=submission

Einzige Voraussetzung ist die Anwesenheit auf dem Event in Köln. Infos zu den Tickets gibt es hier: https:/​/​gamebreakdays.​de/​index.​php?id=tickets

Für alles andere, schau dich einfach auf der Website der Game Break Days um: https:/​/​gamebreakdays.​de/​


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Thread: Requesting Marathons

Started by: GyooGyoo

Name: Game Break Days
Venue: Onsite
Dates: 22nd - 29th November
Length: 7 Days
Hompage: https:/​/​gamebreakdays.​de/​
Twitch: https:/​/​www.​twitch.​tv/​connect_koeln
Moderators: @LittleZeroLittleZero , @serdrad0xserdrad0x, @BroedgemanBroedgeman

We'll be raising funds for "Deutsche KinderKrebshilfe"


Forum: Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder

Thread: Evoland 2 Legendary Edition Differences

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

After playing through the Evo 2 Original Release (OR) and the Legendary Edition (LE) I've noticed a few differences.

This list goes over everything I noticed in the Legendary Edition:
There is a very limited options-menu, You can't choose a language or have any sound adjustments.

You can set the difficulty prior to the run which saves a couple of seconds.

All 3D-Sections have noticable longer loading times.
3D-Sections don't have huge lag-spikes anymore.
This kinda makes up for the loading times but over-all I think LE loses time over OR in the 3D-Areas.

In Windy Valley (Future) in the Canyon. Right before the Star there is one blinking-block which is blinking way faster.

There is a glitch after the Reno fight. If you mash after the cutscene it replays the Reno Cutscene. (In the OR the glitch also exists but only re-triggers the door-opening-cutscene)

2 Encounters in the Lights-off-Room in the Lab simply don't exist
The final normal encounter used to be 2 Battles back-to-back it's only 1 battle in LE.

Bejeweled Battles seem way easier since enemies don't necessarily notice 4-block-solvings.

On the Guardian-Scroller. If you get a Level-up you automatically dismount when clicking away the message.

The Legendary Version saves a lot of time in the Lab due to missing encounters.

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Thread: Camp Skips

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

oh yea...
here's a pic of them
I didn't really mess with it but you can grapple past them from the bottom, idk if from the top works too.


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Thread: the Fake-Swap glitch

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

Figured I write it down here so the knowledge doesn't get lost 🙂

For the glitch to work you need to have one character unlocked - doesn't matter which one.

If you're in the character-select screen after that you have exactly 1 frame where the game let's you select everyone even the characters you haven't unlocked yet.

So you can do a left or right input on that very frame.
(It's the frame where the Dot after the "A" appears.


Forum: Full Metal Furies

Thread: Camp Skips

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

I found out that you can exit most missions early.
When the "Mission Complete" Text Shows up you can go to the Menu and hit "Return to map.
With that you don't get the ending screen and you skip the Campsite.
It's similar to what we do at the Password Computers.
Just wanted to share since I don't know if it is known.

Another minor thing is that, with Meg, you can Grapple past these Stone walls from underneath (But I didn't fully test it yet)


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Thread: NG+ all bosses is a better name then boss rush

Started by: PeterAfroPeterAfro

I agree that there could be a better name for this but NG+ has to be something strictly given by the game.
if you have other suggestions go ahead 🙂 (we have a Discord if you wanna discuss)


Forum: Full Metal Furies

Thread: Categorie Discussion

Started by: BroedgemanBroedgeman

I'd like to talk about categories for this game.
In my opinion there should be this categories:
Any% - Beat Cronus
True Ending - Beat the True Final Boss (don't wanna spoil anyone lol)
100% - All Stone Tablets in each world, all Blueprints

(In case someone wanna do that)
True 100% -Beat New Game and NG+, on NG+: All Stone Tablets in each world, all Blueprints, All Trophies, All Chars Max Level, All Items Max Mastered, True Ending

All Categories with, 2P, 3P, 4P Variable
All Categories also with NG+ Variable


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

@RogueLink I also tried contacting Sparsie waay ago (january) and also very recently, No response.

So please add RogueLink as a Supermod for the Gargoyle's Quest series.

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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

I would like to become series mod of the Gargoyles Quest series - The current mod doesn't respond anymore

Thanks in advance!!


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Thread: Requesting series for existing games

Started by: mobiusmanmobiusman

Demon's Crest should be part of the Gargoyles Quest Series as it is the sequal to Gargoyles quest 2


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Thread: Leaderboards moderation requests thread

Started by: GyooGyoo

There was a problems with the Kirby LB quite a while ago and we just noticed there's still no SuperMod for Star Stacker

Could you just make it that series mods have power there?

Thanks in advance.
(I don't if to post this here or in the series thread)


Forum: Kirby

Thread: Introduce yourself!

Started by: HalodudeHalodude

Yo, I'm Broedgeman
Currently I'm getting back into Kirby & the Amazing Mirror 100% because it's an amazing speedgame and I don't know why no one runs that.

I did a lot of runs for a bunch of Kirby games, some more Casual some less.
Also it's my goal to be at least decent in most of the Kirby games but we'll see how that's gonna turn out.

I got into speedrunning by looking at the old SDA run of Demon's Crest and thought I could do it better, and well I did.
It wasn't too hard because the seriousness of Speedrunning just evolved soo much since 2007

Kirby is cute!


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Thread: Themes!

Started by: PacPac

Awesome job!


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Thread: Adding a Series / game?

Started by: btrimbtrim

So should I you post in here if I want to add a game/ series?

Well I'd like to add Kirby as a series
and Also Demon's Crest as a game

I'm a editor in both of the current Leaderboards:
Demon's Crest: