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Forum: M&M's Adventure

Thread: Old Method for Getting to the Final Boss Early

Started by: BubbleBassBubbleBass

There are many similar spots where you can achieve the out of bound glitches. The clip me and mf_d00m use in our runs are the quickest. This is still really neat though and Yellow is too broken and yet we can't even use him in any% sadly.

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Forum: Jet Set Radio (GBA)

Thread: Individual Levels

Started by: BrobeyBrobey

Interested in doing ILs for this game and maybe eventually run it. Mainly the Jet Crushes.


Forum: Jet Set Radio: Mini Mix

Thread: New Update, more catergorys or leaderboard reset?

Started by: Wicks_Wicks_

Since there are some changes with the level layout and how Beat plays, we should make a different any% category from the previous version and Souls% should also be added.

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Forum: Super Magnetic Neo

Thread: Regional Differences and ILs

Started by: BrobeyBrobey

Is there any differences depending on the version that make the game faster or slower and why isn't there an IL leaderboard?


Forum: Jet Set Radio (GBA)

Thread: ANS/100%?

Started by: BrobeyBrobey

Doesn't seem to have any other categories other than any%
This game is a highly beloved game that I am still interested in running and would be willing to maybe do other categories other than any% 🙂


Forum: Jet Set Radio (GBA)

Thread: Is anyone goona speed run this game?

Started by: olo_iliolo_ili

I'm trying this game maybe, learned chapter's 1 and 2


Forum: Rayman 2: The Great Escape

Thread: Glitchless%?

Started by: BrobeyBrobey

I was told there was a glitchless run for Rayman 2: The Great Escape but it's not in the leader boards.