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Thread: NMG 2020 update announcement

Started by: BreadghostBreadghost

To all Neo Mario Galaxy runners:

There is a new update to Neo Mario Galaxy! With this new update we are adjusting the leaderboard for the latest version. All categories from older versions are being moved to the miscellaneous tab for archive purposes. If you wish to continue running on an old version and category, please submit runs to those boards in misc.

The new version adds green stars and changes many levels and star requirements. Therefore, the IL leaderboards will be updated as well to accommodate for the newer version. I am currently not at home or anywhere near my Wii and therefore I have not played this version of the game so I have entrusted Shadow64 and Toogs, who have more ready access to the game, to properly update the boards. You can find the new version through this link:

Happy running! 🙂


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Forum: Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks

Thread: Requesting Rom Hacks

Started by: MarvJungsMarvJungs

May I second Xein's request for a leaderboard to be made for Waluigi's Taco Stand? Category: 15 Tacos

I have my own run here:

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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Heyo, can I get my name on here changed to just Breadghost? So just how it is now but without the "The" attached to the front of it. Thanks 🙂


Forum: Super Mario Galaxy

Thread: Weird turning thing with ledges on Ghostly 1

Started by: FlygonmanFlygonman

Yeah, we were talking about blindfolded galaxy stars in my stream once and I thought of the ledge grab strats from sm64 and sunshine where you can approach a ledge slowly and mario (or in this case, luigi) will fall over the ledge, but also grab it in the process, resetting the angle and giving a reference point for a blindfolded player. It's used in Cannonless in SM64 if you miss the initial ledgegrab to start the setup. You kinda walk back towards the ledge and grab it that way. Common trend in 3D Mario games.


Forum: Wii Play

Thread: New Category Ideas

Started by: BreadghostBreadghost

OfficialArtemis64 and I were toying around last night with some new categories for this game. We did some races of two categories: unlock all games, in which you would start from a clean mii and simply unlock all the games as quickly as possible, and all gold medals, in which you would collect the gold medals from all of the 9 games. Unfortunately, neither of us finished the latter category as it requires a ton of skill, which neither of us have yet, but we both believe that it could be a fun category for someone who is pretty good at the game. Unlock all games, however, we both finished, and I have video of my run as an example here:

As for timing, for unlock all levels, we decided that it would be best to start the run upon hitting ok on the screen that asks you to confirm the mii you are using (as shown in the video), and have it end upon closing the last text box after tanks where it tells you you should go for gold medals. For All Golds, we decided that it would be best to start from a mii with all 9 games unlocked, and timing would start, again, on ok at the mii confirmation screen, and end upon seeing the banner that says "gold medal completed congratulations!"

We hope that these can be considered as categories that can be added to the leaderboard, and we both plan on running them in the future, all golds especially 🙂


Forum: Multiple Mario Games

Thread: Video for runs

Started by: Odme_Odme_

Nah, my handheld series and 246 runs are youtube videos. As long as you have video evidence and can prove you actually did it.