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Hey everyone! It's everyone's favorite inactive mod here! Just getting back into speedrunning and I want to start with one of my favorites, Street Vol. 2. What have people found to be effective teams to run with? I see newer runs going with Dallas which I thought was interesting. My first guess when creating the page was Lakers were defacto best team, but I'd love to hear opinions!


Sent access request.


Yeah I am just worried about messing this up in a run, since it seems like you'd lose a TON of time.


I've just gotten into speedrunning, and while grinding this game out and learning it, I also have been practicing some of the glitches. I think I have a grasp of Gelato, but Niko I am having trouble with. What setup do you guys use, and when do you hover in the air to not fall at the bottom of that blue abyss?

Thanks! ~Brandon