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Thread: Leaderboard Verification Process

Started by: IsoFriezeIsoFrieze

Along with all of this, it is strongly encouraged that you include in your video which file you start the run on pre-run as well as a "file check" post-run if you are submitting to the following categories:
- 96 Exit
- 95 Exit, No Cape
- Lunar Dragon

This will greatly speed up the verification process, as it will be far less likely that missed exit runs get submitted.

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Thread: Can i do speedruns with mouse and keyboard?

Started by: Chicken_HuntChicken_Hunt

Yes, you may use mouse and keyboard.

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Thread: Do I need a capture card or screen recorder for my runs?

Started by: Megafunguy4FunMegafunguy4Fun

Refer to this thread for the leaderboard verification process: https://www.​speedrun.​com/smw/thread/f7cr2
Also, if you have any further questions the best place to ask is in Discord https://discordapp.​com/invite/0SkVJ6hE2KFkKlak


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Thread: SMW No Run Challenge

Started by: Stony_BiosphereStony_Biosphere

It is impossible to beat the game without hitting Y or X because of the mecha koopas in the bowser fight.

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Forum: Super Mario Sunshine Category Extensions

Thread: Please Read: Category Extensions Info

Started by: MilkMilk

Glitchless 120 Shines:
Goal - Collect every Shine Sprite in the game for a grand total of 120 Shine Sprites without the use of glitches listed below.
Timing - Time starts when pressing A to select 'Yes' to create a new file. Time ends when you land the final ground pound on the Bowser fight.
Banned Glitches - Out of Bounds (including casino skip), clips with held items (i.e. fruit or springs), rocket storage, honey skip, Pinna 1 cutscene skips, Pinna 2 mole skip (requires clipping into the mole), Yoshi skip, travel skip, GWKs, chucksters throwing backwards.
Other Rules - Eel cutscene skip is allowed because it is not a glitch, and can be done accidentally (even casually). Damage boosting in Pianta 3 is allowed because invincibility frames are an intended mechanic. Skipping Bianco 1 is allowed because this is also intended. Pausing to spawn the Pianta 1 shine faster is allowed. Y-turning is allowed. Grabbing extra rockets on Mecha Bowser is allowed. Spam sprays are allowed because it is in the official strategy guide.

I did a run on the 27th and got a 3:48:04


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Thread: Bianco Hills Strange Log Clipping

Started by: ObryxianObryxian

The load zone is not there. StrongmanLin made a video a while back that addresses this.


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Thread: An Alternate Strategy I made for 1-3 for newer player

Started by: SniprsRSniprsR

hey, if you want to share stuff like this with the community, the best place to do so is in the discord server,

no one really reads these threads

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Thread: More categories?

Started by: Scrub_RTAScrub_RTA

-IL's were recently removed because they are pretty pointless in this game.
-A1 and A2 are extremely arbitrary and only run by Panda.
-86 is extremely arbitrary and only run by Reze.

Maybe if more people run A1, A2, 86, etc. they will be added, but not for now.

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Thread: Technical questions

Started by: UrSexMateUrSexMate

1.) You should definitely be holding right when swimming
2.) Zipping isn't too bad when you practice a bit. Here's how it works: The game can only handle four turn blocks spinning at once. When you get more than that going, Mario gets pushed down and either left or right, depending on what you're holding. That said, once you see four spinning, hold A, down and left/right. It is much easier to zip to the left on the first zip, and this doesn't lose a lot of time. The second one can kill you, so make sure you hold right to make it to the key.
3.) I don't run 11 Exit, but here is a fast and easy cloud fight by xsvArea51:

Hope this helps,