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Thread: Couple of questions from a newb

Started by: CrystalpallCrystalpall

1. No boots doesn't slow you down. The idea behind that advice is probably that most of the characters in normal runs gets 25str to equip 3rows belt, chain boots requires 30str. So as barb runner you couldn't care less about that stuff.
2. Yes medium/heavy versions of armors/shields slows you down by 5%/10%, light version has no impact. Ring mail is medium armor so taking it as a stealth base isn't the best idea. Slightly better defence isn't worth it at all.
3. Defence tells how frequently monsters hit you but this is not the only factor. The more important one is difference between your lvl and monster lvl and since you are underleveled most of the time defence doesn't change much. Physical resistance comes with 'damage reduced by %' mod, not defence.
4. You can find on the way too, and yes poison shrine always drops potions.
5. Both cannot be frozen and thaw pots won't save you from chill which comes from holy freeze aura. Just stack thaws before fight as you do.

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Forum: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Thread: Case of top exit Rogue Encampment

Started by: IndrekIndrek

Yeah revealing any map like cata, sewers or arcane would be huge. There might be something going on around dungeon maps too. I found connection between Halls of the Dead and Arcane Sanctuary few months ago,I was hyped about it and spent week or so for discoveries, unfortunatelly it apparently doesn't tell us where Summoner is(surprise surprise) but we can specify current state of ways rotation which allow us to pick up desired way we go, before even entering the Arcane. There are reliable rules I made around it so even if it is not super practical and it's useful only for normal difficulty excluding sorc it's interesting and might be helpful with other dungeon levels discoveries.
Let's recap very basics we all know so everybody will able to get it:
» exits and chest in halls are located on the left from the entrance, lvl2 wp is straight from entrance
» four arcane ways are always in same relation to each other, tps direction is always opposite to flat direction etc.

Now only Halls of the Dead rules, I follow lvl2 so it's mostly related to it:
» lvl1 exit direction never matches wp, other exit or chest direction (2 possibilites per lvl2 layout)
» lvl3 chest usually reflects lvl2 exit, if it doesn't it just rotate clockwise one time

Now Arcane:
» layout is usually based on Halls lvl2, but it sometimes follow lvl3 if its layout rotates
» whenever Halls layout rotates clockwise, Arcane does it counter-clockwise

It sounds overwhelming and complicated without example, Let's suppose we enter Halls lvl2 at the bot then wp is on the top wall and exit to lvl3 on the left wall (general rule). In that case lvl1 exit had to be either on the right wall or the bottom wall (first halls rule). Lvl3 entrance will be on the bottom or the left wall (second halls rule). Standard arcane layout for Halls lvl2 wp top is: TR stairs, BR tps, BL arcades, TL flat, but if lvl3 rotates and game follows it instead of lvl2 we will get standard position for lv2 wp on the right: TR tps, BR arcades, BL flat, TL stairs (applies second rule of halls and second rule of arcane in the same time).

It might be still pretty complicated so I attach cheat sheet for that:

Lvl2 Halls of the Dead:
wp top = tr stairs, br tps, bl arcades, tl flat
wp left = tr flat, br stairs, bl tps, tl arcades
wp bot = tr arcades, br flat, bl stairs, tl tps
wp right = tr tps, br arcades, bl flat, tl stairs

Lvl3 Halls of the Dead:
entrance bot, chest left -> tr stairs, br tps, bl arcades, tl flat
entrance right, chest bot -> tr flat, br stairs, bl tps, tl arcades
entrance top, chest right -> tr arcades, br flat, bl stairs, tl tps
entrance left, chest top -> tr tps, br arcades, bl flat, tl stairs

*tr= top-right, br= bottom-right, bl = bottom-left, tl = top-left

As I said if lvl2 and lvl3 differs only one is truthy, keep that in mind 🙂

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Forum: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Thread: Case of top exit Rogue Encampment

Started by: IndrekIndrek

Nicely done putting it all together, I'm using that before I get annoyed. With roll exactly like this it's inarguably the best a1 pattern, I remember it helped me out with understanding a1 outside maps generation process back in the day and got inspired for other acts connection research. What's funny we all spoted very similar connections so respect to you guys. I generalized few of them and I think this topic is a good place to share them but before I do this there are few observations that can be used around this exact pattern:
» Drognan exit in a2 tends to spawn more often, if you only get enough stamina in a1 it might hasten a2 start
» Frigid Highlands will continue staight(goes top-left corner) instead of turning to the right, Frozen Tundra too, it always reflects Frigid Highlands direction

Since first point is just non well tested observation, second one is connected with LK exits so Let's explain how it works:
» LK exit is STRICTLY connected with Stony Field entrance position everything else DOESN'T matter:
- horizontal stony entrances (top-left,bottom-right) generates LK exit on the left, Frigid Highlands goes TL
- vertical stony entrances (top-right, bottom-left) generates LK exit on the right, Frigid Highlands goes TR

It sounds quite silly but I assure you it works every time, just remembering its position is sometimes challenging during the run 🙂
We can also partially generalize a4 connection:
» map with TR(top-right) Blood Moor exit gonna behave similar (no left Plains of Despair) irrespective of encampent exit direction
» on the other hand maps with BL(bottom-left) Blood Moor exit spawns Plains of Despair only on left side

TL and BR doesn't seem to be consistent in that case however I don't recommend playing them at all especially on Den of Evil dependent characters since it makes connections that enable river spawn on Black Marsh and the earliest point you can find out this is the case is Stony entrance.