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Forum: Barro F

Thread: could you add the last barro game plz the barro racing

Started by: Shawn77I34Shawn77I34

My apologies for the late response Shawn. As you can see frosty has got Barro Racing up on the site now. So go submit some runs on it 🙂


Forum: Pyongyang Racer

Thread: WR Any% run isn't viewable anymore.

Started by: erikkonstaserikkonstas

Rip, dude was a super mod also. Wonder what happened


Forum: On The Run 2

Thread: Any idea on how to get this game offline like the old on the run game?

Started by: BoggyOnlineBoggyOnline

Was wondering if they had a offline version of this game like they do with the classic. Just curious as I really wanna play this 🙂


Forum: Endless War

Thread: Separate categories for the original Endless war?

Started by: BoggyOnlineBoggyOnline

So I've been thinking about speed running this game for a little while and seen that pretty much all speed runs (except for the ones that are unavailable) are using the endless war 3 version of the game. This changes a few things things like being able to change weapons to make the level easier and faster and various other things like bug fixes. I was wondering if a separate category can be made for the original game as it is different to the Endless war 3 version. 🙂


Forum: Real Drift

Thread: How to contact me!

Started by: BoggyOnlineBoggyOnline

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If you want to contact me feel free to message me on my discord or comment on my youtube discussion when you have uploaded. Only do this if I haven't noticed the speedrun in a few days. I usually check speedrun/com everyday so I should see it. 🙂


Forum: Smugglers Run: Warzones

Thread: Smugglers Run 2 : Hostile Territory (PS2)

Started by: BoggyOnlineBoggyOnline

So, would it be possible to add a PS2 category to this? I know that warzones and hostile territory are the same game but I had planned to run this on the PS2 version of the game and thought it would be alot simpler to ask for a PS2 catergory here than to submit an entirely new game. It is only a suggestion but it would be cool to see it included. 🙂

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Forum: World War II Combat: Road to Berlin

Thread: Help me

Started by: AkimboWolfAkimboWolf

It can vary from my experience. Personally gonna speedrun it on xbox. I'm not the mod but i'd imagine people like you and me can't just ask for mod and expect to get it immediately. Since both of our accounts are very new and show zero speedrunning experience. But that is Rubii's call. Stay safe and have a good day!

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