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Starting today, as discussed in the LM Discord server, all 1st place times submitted to the IL board will now require video proof. This change does not affect runs currently on the board.


Timing officially ends when King Boo pops into your vacuum. It's when you hear the bling sound from touching the crown. (It's the same sound as any other gem)

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A macro is a series of inputs caused by one action. For example, a turbo button would input A repeatedly when you yourself only pressed or held the button once. It should only be 1 press per 1 input.


Remapping should be fine, so long as you're still controlling the game with the 3ds and do not add additional functions such as macros.


Yes, keep an extra save file. It's not only smart idea in general, but savewarps are used multiple times in the route so having an extra save is necessary.


Yeah it's best to use two of your three save files for runs. Just keep an extra one to copy over any time you need to.


Hi sorry for responding late, I saw this earlier. So there's a LOT that goes into my breaker strat. It's very hard to get used to but is much better than the 11 hp r-pump method.
The first thing you should try to practice is dragging boos down to the ground, the motion is nearly identical and it's a very useful skill to have as it makes it far easier to one cycle the 150hp boos. Hold the c-stick up and walk backwards away from the boo, but don't move too far as you'll get extra cackles. It's awkward at first to time your r-pumps while using the c-stick but you get used to it pretty quickly. You'll notice that the boo can only be moved during the 2nd half of his cackle. There's two distinct parts of the cackle sound, and you want to time it so that you're moving him during the 2nd part. This works especially well at the start of the boo suckup, when your vacuum first touches it. Practice that until you're comfortable with the motion and with lowering its height on a whim.
Next up is the hard part of dragging the boo laterally. I try to stand down-right of the boo while moving right and left. Do the same motion as before, but this time much more forcefully. Keep repeating this motion: R-pump, back up during the second half of the cackle, move forward again and start the next r-pump. It's a very quick back and forth motion. It then gets more complicated as you now have to control the height of the boo while simultaneously doing this. Just as the boo can be dragged down with c-stick, holding down on c-stick can also drag him upwards. You need to continue the back and forth on the control stick while adjusting height with c-stick to keep the boo at around Luigi's head level.
This took me weeks of practice to get good at, but I can consistently one cycle breaker boo even from the center of the room with an extra cackle. With as much as 3 extra cackles if he charges into the corner. Hope it helps, feel free to hit me up on Discord if you need anything else


Beat the game and save on the final screen, then copy that file. Nothing is completed in-game so it's considered a fresh file. You could also start with a brand new file, but you would have to include the intro in your timing.

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Yeah there's no lag. Every load in the game is also instant, so that means every locked door and every scene transition. All of that makes it over a minute faster, console can't compete.


Don't pay attention to his health at all, the numbers will change depending on how good your cycle is. What you want to do is start pumping just a heartbeat after the 3rd ice shot hits the floor. You can start pumping anytime before that, but doing so loses potential damage and could make your cycles harder

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I've never had contempt with you, obviously since I know very little about you personally. I'm just trying to piece together history, anything about you is either relating to that task or for the sake of the leaderboards. That aside, I feel vicariously offended when you insult my friend, who in my mind is far off from your previous descriptions. Especially after he's decided to completely separate himself from such matters, just wanting to be left alone. As far as the hardware, I don't have the information to properly speak on it, so I'll leave that to whoever cares. I've covered everything, so I'm done with this thread. Good luck in whatever you decide to do, speedrunning or otherwise.

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I do appreciate it very much that you would take the time to type something like this up. Even though many of my opinions still stand, it's nice to have just a little more insight when it comes to making them. The problem is you only briefly mentioned the issue at hand. How did you come up with these times? As far as I'm aware load times are not consistent and also vary between sd/usb drives. There is also less lag, notably in master bedroom and armory, which alone would save several seconds each. I'd also like to know exactly how this feud with Skozzy came about, I've heard you were fairly close at one point.


If you'd care to explain, that would be wonderful. You're shitting on my boy Skozzy, which given your choice of words is quite hypocritical yourself. I don't know you, but I know of you. It's not just Skozzy, multiple people have given their side of it, and you're no angel. You're just as unimportant as any other fucking person.


We can't know for sure exactly what it will be like, but it will most likely be viable for runs. Some have speculated that it will actually be the PAL release, since that is the "finished" version. As of now, only official copies may be used in runs submitted to the leaderboards, so it should be just fine.


I expected such a response, however not so angry and out of characer. There was no proof, it's fair for you to defend it. I just find the circumstances interesting


Actually I just remembered something, you tried to ban evade in the community discord by making an alternate account posing as one of the members. If you have no shame in doing that then I don't see why it couldn't have been you on the leaderboards as well 🙂


Well that was quite the change of demeanor! I guess it was purely coincidence somebody decided to submit a 1:01 (close to your pb at the time) as their first run, minutes after the incident! If I was mistaken, why are you suddenly so upset about it? Simply calling me out on it would be just fine.


I don't agree with this decision whatsoever, in fact it's hypocrisy. Veman's case was settled based on facts, although I don't agree with the consensus, he technically didn't break any rules at the time. MonadoPurge however, has cheated on mulitple accounts, once by running on USB Loader during a tournament race (It had been fully banned at this point) and another time by submitting a spliced run to the leaderboards. The fact that these situations are treated similarly is disgusting. As people have told me in the discord, they want the community to be human and forgive people for their mistakes, give them a second chance. The thing is that Monado never made mistakes, he knew exactly what he was doing, what the consequences were. Let's not forget that mere minutes after being banned, he decided to ban evade by attempting to submit another time on an alternate account. People like this don't change, you can still be friends with him and let him be apart of the community if you wish, but he does not deserve to be on the leaderboards. I know you don't give a shit about my opinion and that it's already final, but I decided to post this anyway.

Listen I know you just want to try to have fun and be kind, "Not robots with strict rules" as one put it, but you can do all of this with an honest community. Having those rules in place encourages people to have integrity, instead of attempting to cheat knowing there are no repercussions.


If that's the case, I think Zircon would be a fine replacement. He's very active and considering both Nimbus and HD verify within an hour or two anyway, adding one would be just fine. Edit: Nothing against the other two, but I feel adding any more is unnecessary and I think most would agree Zircon is the most suited for it.

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I don't object to anyone personally, but is there truly a need for more mods? Nimbus and HD are very active as it is.


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