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Thread: help is who?

Started by: MrKotik30MrKotik30

Hey there! If you haven't already, I'd recommend checking out Surviv0r's tutorial for CDS here:


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Thread: Separate Any% Between Console and PC.

Started by: RYUKORYUKO

I'm totally on board with creating separate categories for PC/Console. I personally think that this decision should probably be made by the console runners as a group (with of course approval from the game moderators as well). There's a good chance more console players would wanna get into speedrunning COD4 and submit runs if the times were separated.


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Thread: Changing IL timing

Started by: KloogerKlooger

This might upset some of the OG runners, but for me, as a newish runner of the game - I personally would love to see ILs be timed from the start of the level, for every single level. I also wouldn’t mind if we started the full any% runs at 0 instead of (-X.XX) tbh.

Couple of reasons:
1. In a full game run, when you get a fast lvl completion time you would no longer have to subtract whatever the IL start time difference is from your time in the any% run. You’d know right away what your time is for that lvl.

2. Removes the confusion, and need for quick maths :>

When I first started running COD4, I was honestly super confused by the -X.XX timer people were using in their runs, and some runners would also argue that -2.45 was inaccurate and should be something different.
- If it takes everyone the same amount of time to take control of their character, why not just start the timer when you start the run?

As someone who doesn’t really grind for IL times, I don’t have the biggest horse in this race. Just wanted to share my thoughts.


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Thread: CoD 4 AutoSplitter

Started by: KunoDemetriesKunoDemetries

Couria responded to the thread 'CoD 4 AutoSplitter' in the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare forum.