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Thread: Lord Tom Route Five Year Anniversary Challenge

Started by: BlueOctorokBlueOctorok

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I am offering a 500$ reward to the first person who can defeat any% in sub 27 and 500$ to the first person to sub 28 any% NoUP+A in Zelda 1 using the Lord Tom Route 3,4,1,5,8,2,7,6,9. I am rewarding 100$ for the first person to get a sub 30 on any% and 100$ for any% NoUp+A sub 30 on the LTR for incentive to set the course. I believe this route(Lord Tom Route/LTR) is faster than the current WR route; it requires elite Zelda runners in the top 50 ranks to master it. Lord Tom mentions he could have got the White sword on his TAS, and maybe that would help with 8? Please consider. Thanks