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Thread: New site layout - Amendments #1

Started by: PacPac

I do like the newer style of this layout though are still a few things I have to point out:

- First off, the opacity; there used to be an option where you can make your profile and games have an opacity of 0-100%, but now it's gone.
- Golds are not highlighted; they're white, just like the other ones.

Otherwise, this a very large step in the right direction and I'm impressed how you took the advice from everyone and decided to make it better. Keep up the good work!

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts II

Thread: Moderation Feedback Corner

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

One thing I have noticed: The top 3 time symbols are not the Kingdom Hearts crowns, but the original trophy icons.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Thread: KH2 Modifications & Changes

Started by: CrystalCrown13CrystalCrown13

No Menu%? (Complete the run without ever opening the KH2 menu. If Level 1, equipping No Experience is required and is the only time allowed to open the menu).


Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: Moderation Elections Feedback

Started by: DrazerkDrazerk

Congratulations to everyone who won. I believe all of them will do an incredible job moderating their respective games.

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Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Character Subcategories (And guidelines (should probably read this))

Started by: PullPull

I am completely siding with Jumpy on this one and think a poll should've been made first before this decision was made.


Forum: Crash Team Racing

Thread: Character Subcategories (And guidelines (should probably read this))

Started by: PullPull

Interesting idea, honestly
But I kinda am to agree with Jumpy, Bash should also then have 4 character categories and not just all 8 in one category.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage

Thread: PS4 vs PS4 Pro Discussion

Started by: gamebrain1gamebrain1

I am sorry, but I am against the decision of PS4 & PS4 Pro being split. The main reason why is because you should rather invest into speedrunning more rather then just going down the path of least resistance. If you care about a hobby enough to be competitive, you should be ready to invest in it and not make it easier.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: Addressing last minute series ideas/changes before KH3

Started by: SaiyanzSaiyanz

I'm gonna have to side with Timmi on this one. Considering the original (PlayStation 2) version for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix has no Level 1 (because no EXP Zero ability) or no Trophies of course (because PSN didn't exist at the time), I'm in favor of merging 2FM, but leaving 1FM & 1FMHD separately.


Forum: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix HD

Thread: PS4 Stream Directly

Started by: dgamefatherdgamefather

It's fine. This is because the PlayStation 4's streaming option could cause problems after you have streamed for an hour and some parts of your run/video could be missing. You have to make sure to show your In Game Time (after a final battle, just like in Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories; there are still inputs left in the game where you have a few cutscenes you can skip) in case you want your run to be accepted. This has already been discussed on this thread.

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Forum: Kingdom Hearts

Thread: Discussion about Timers on videos

Started by: Sly1020Sly1020

I'm not a KH speedrunner, but I'd just like to throw in my 2 cents.

Any runner who can't have a timer on screen to record (or if without a timer, he can re-stream by using a Media player such as VLC and then put in LiveSplit on OBS) is most likely just lazy to re-stream or does not even care about the KH community or his run. That is all.