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Hello, I am new to this game and was wondering if there were any run tutorials out there. Also, do you guys have a discord? Thanks-


There is one in "guide" that is the tutorial for deathwarp. Not sure if there any other tutorial made from Skavenger and Dragoon.


Hey, Yoco! There are two tutorials made by two of the top runners of this game. Here is Shining Dragoon's and his is broken down into parts and goes over movement, controls, etc.

Skav's is in one go and I think is a bit less in detail, but also a really good one especially if you are just looking for the general flow of the run. It seems he doesn't have it up anymore though sadly.

Anyways, glad to see a new runner! Join the discord here. My only suggestion is wait on learning the Area 7 Skips until you get solid at the game and have a solid time. They will just frustrate you early on.


The Discord invite expired. Can you please post a new one?