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Thread: Storm/Wave missions speedrun?

Started by: PockitPockit

As for any "speedrun category request", not only for this specific game/leaderboards, we ask for some sort of "proof" that proves the category requested it's a "actively" category in the first place, and that means, having runners running said category in some "quantity" to be considered in the first place, and then, rules (that should have been already established even before that) and creation can be discussed to approve the leadeboard's creation.

By any means, anyone it's free and invited to speedrun the category, but, following "guidelines", isn't correct to create a leaderboard for one/two runners and I hope you can understand this.


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Thread: (Another) Leaderboard changes/suggetions

Started by: Blast_kunBlast_kun

Hi hello, Blast here, recently some topics have been brought into the light for changes/adjust on the leaderboard to possible be discussed here as well in case any runner missed them, this thread has the objective to attempt summarize theses topics in one place and possible apply the changes as fast as possible upon noticed the agreement on them.

1 - IGT vs RTA without load times
"IGT-timing" has been suggested before, but that timing method don't work very well on Riders unlike in Riders:Zero Gravity because of Sand Ruins where the game don't display a "result screen" with your time, BUT, this could have been suggested as "Real Time without loads" which can been easily tracked in any console/platform to eliminate the "big" difference in loading times between them.
To a better understanding and fairness, this timing methods will count time that a runner has a control of the game, this being tracks and cutscenes, including even if the runner don't skip the cutscene, and excludes loading time from before tracks and cutscenes where the player don't have control.
To say, the "basic" method for this type of timing and works for everyone to a better "track of time and fairness between platforms".

(Note:If agreed with timing method, RTA will be still filtered as main timing method until all runs with videos have the loads times calculated and removed from them, this will take some time, so I ask for patience on this one)

2 - Mods/Scripts/Macros
Any type of modification/manipulation of the game it's banned, as some of them can bring "quality of life" or "fairness" for runs, having the "base" game unmodified helps to easy verification if case of any "tool assisted" runs gets submitted.This has been brought up because of the current "glitch" when playing with a keyboard in the PC version where if you hold both left and right controls in the automated sections, you recover a "big" amount of air compared to "rotating" the stick in a controller, as such there are differences or "easier way" to do a tricks/strats in other games when comparing controller and keyboard, isn't a reason to modify the game.

Pretty much all what it's needed to be discussed for now, and a big one I would say to stabilize and have a simple,clean and objective leaderboard, if you have questions or point/disagree with something, feel free to speak about it here and/or contact me.

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Thread: Sonic Riders leaderboards changes suggestion

Started by: Blast_kunBlast_kun

@Pockit - No runs will be deleted/modified (besides the addition of the IGT when it's possible) with the rules changes, rather, it's the solution to prevent that after the analyze that was done for the leaderboards, also this leaderboard has a objective to also act as a "database" because when transitioning all the times to this website, we ended up losing times from some old runs that can't be found anymore as it is.

As the RTA/IGT talk, console/versions difference will always exist no matter what the game, this haven't stopped speedruns of other games to be competitive, including racing genre games, the main reason to IGT to be added in the leaderboard it's to act as a "tool" for a "fair and fast" method of comparison between the runs, they being "valuable" or not.

If possible, changes are planned to be made by next week or so while I still need to get things done before making sure everything it's alright, and seeing how the IGT topic it's still "not" solved, if no agreement is made by then, that will be going go to the "drawing board" until another proposal from what already have been made shows up again.

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Thread: Sonic Riders leaderboards changes suggestion

Started by: Blast_kunBlast_kun

Hello, Blast here, as one of the mods of this leaderboard, has been brought to my attention that the current leaderboard has some flaws/irregularities noticed and it calls for "help", there not too much to be noted besides some, to speak, quality of life changes for the leaderboard in order to keep organized and trying to make clean and "enjoyable" experience for old and new runners for this game, so the following points has been brought up to be discussed with the community around of this game in order to reach a agreement before making any changes to the leaderboards without any notice of it.

1 - Starting point and changes for runs in each category.
Heroes Story - Upon checking and verifying runs on the leaderboard, has been found out there is a mix of Heroes Story runs starting from a new save file and runs that starts from a "already beaten" Heroes Story, far as this is concerned to the Heroes category, there is not much difference from theses two ways to start, only a couple of dialogue boxes from unlockables when the run timing has been already ended, a solution for this it's to make a change in the rules for allowing both ways to be submitted to the leaderboard, but that comes with a problem for Babylon Story runs...

Babylon Story - Unlike "Riders:Zero Gravity" you can't easily reset a Babylon run, so the option it's to always have a backup save to start a "new" Babylon Story, which my guess it's not a easy and fast option for some people, so the to match the changes in the Heroes Story category, if applied, the option to start runs from a "completed" file to be allowed in order to lessen the "complications" for starting runs in this category.

All Stories - At this point, Heroes and Babylon category will be looking the same as "Sonic Riders:Zero Gravity" leaderboards, so for the sake of consistency between the two games, All Stories runs will be a MUST to still starting from a new file.

2 - Real Time Attack (RTA) vs. In-game Timing (IGT)
This has been discussed sometimes, and I after a BIG thought and checking (Especially Sand Ruins... Which explanation comes late), IGT it's possible to be applied for the leaderboards, BUT, all leaderboards will be still "filtered" as RTA over IGT, the reason for that it's because most of the runs in leaderboard already don't have a video attached to it anymore hence Twitch VODs changes or deleted videos / youtube channels making impossible to get a IGT.

3 - Sand Ruins IGT
From various suggestions as using "True second" as fade out in end or "estimate fade out time which a margin of error of 0.x seconds", another suggestion has been suggested which it's the timing for the "fade out" after the ballista launch, which from several runs in the leaderboard, has been noticed that at a full charge + boost, which has been common in every run checked, to be a 3.x~ seconds until the fade out, and a no charge + boost to be 4.x~ seconds, this has been a suggestion to make moderation "easier" if a verification with a "questionable" video quality happens... (Which it's common/rare case for some games... But that it's another story)

And this it's pretty much what needs to be sorted for now, grammar may not be the best but I hope it's enough to get things sorted for this leaderboard.My guess it's that will be some people agreeing and disagreeing with IGT reason, but I ask to not make more a "snowball" of this topic than it's already, not all racing games needs a IGT as a "standard" for timing, but that it's the best possible solution for moderation and for the runners suggested.

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Thread: IGT calculate

Started by: drayden_drayden_

Yes, we also do encourage to post a video with a "decent" quality where the time result box "are clear" to read to check and make "calculation" process easier, but other than that, good luck in your runs.


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Thread: new leaderboard idea

Started by: Mr_StickMr_Stick

This question has been answered in another thread already where you have asked about the same "suggestion" along with another in the following thread


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Thread: Why was my heroes story run rejected?

Started by: ideniden

Hello, that was me the one who rejected your run, as I should mention it.Your case was the first time I got while verifying runs in this game and, in all honest, I decided to reject because I remembered a "almost same case" for another game and tried to apply here as well without "thinking too much".So then I decided to bring about "this" with another runners of the game, and as decided with the opinions on the matter, you run it's in fact a "validated" run to be submitted to the "Heroes Story" leaderboards.

As such, I do invite you to submit the run and my sincere apologies for my "selfish decision" on this matter.

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Thread: Level Leaderboard

Started by: KomaedaDRAEKomaedaDRAE

-Following as the same "guidelines" in the other leaderboards of the "Sonic series", Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity will not include a "level leaderboard" or "IL leaderboard", as such, most people in the Sonic community uses "The Sonic Center" to track Individual Leves (or races in case of the the racing games), so if you would like to check/compete on that, I do recommend checking "The Sonic Center".

-As for the World Grand Prix leaderboard, as much I like the idea, I don't think would be "enough reason" to add it unless there is "enough" people to run the "category", plus, GP are more skip intensive as the "normal" story runs, I don't want to put a condition (or rather give a reason to work it to be added it), but, unless I see a GP run done that has a lower time to the current "best know time" (WR), I don't see GP leaderboards being a thing.

(Sorry if I sound kinda "harsh", but I just to make the clear about the reason and opinions of "why this and why not this".)


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Thread: Is this glitch allowed in runs?

Started by: ideniden

Open to people's opinions, I don't exactly see the need of this "glitch" to be banned, since: Playing with the keyboard makes, in my opinion, the game harder to speedrun, since Air Drift sometimes requires a "precise" XY Axis that you can only get from playing with the controller and even if you edits the controller settings for the PC version you can't play with the keyboard and controller at the same time, something that have been brought up it's about "custom controller" that allows pressing left and right at the same time, but, I don't know anyone and don't have mentioned controller to test it.

TLDR:If you think saving some time (probably 1-2 seconds per "rotation sections") and having a hard time for air drift skips and "slow turning" because you are playing with keyboard, go for it.

But like I said, anyone it's invited to suggest about this, but, myself don't see the need banning this since there is already "some differences" with the console build and the pc build