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Thread: Container ride save not working

Started by: BlackHatBlackHat

I have downloaded the container ride save but i can't find the right one every time it i type it in it says file not working can someone please explain.


Forum: Speedrunning

Thread: Anyone hating on drem should kindly shut the fuck up

Started by: BlackHatBlackHat

In the speedrunning minecraft community there is a youtuber that has seen a lot of hate its drem the reason is kinda dumb ngl. Hes run was supposedly faked which i dont think it is. But the reason i'm making this post is because people have been sending this man death threats and has offered him money OVER A FUCKING MINECRAFT SPEEDRUN. This right here is the reason i decided to stop speedrunning minecraft i know i'm not important but this right here if it keeps happening it will make the minecraft speedrunning community smaller and smaller until speedrunning minecraft stops. So yeah dont fucking send this guy hate and ruin hes youtube channel and possible his life OVER A FUCKING MINECRAFT SPEEDRUN.