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Thread: Small changes to the boards

Started by: BismuthBismuth


Sorry for being a bit slow on verifying lately. I've been busy and didn't have access to my computer for over a week.

That being said, I just made some changes to the leaderboards. From now on, runs will be verified automatically, but they will require a video recording. With a community this small, I don't see any point in cheating. That being said, I will keep an eye on the runs being published.

I'm happy this game is seeing more runs lately. Looks like I'll have to fight for my any% throne sometime in the future!

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels

Thread: Decision regarding lekukie's submission

Started by: BismuthBismuth

Many of you may already know that, on May 4th 2020, LeKukie submitted an Any% 8-4 time of 7:56.515, claiming a world record when set. After a week of intense deliberation and meticulous analysis, the moderation team has decided to reject the submission on the basis of insufficient proof of legitimacy from a runner with a history of cheating in other games.

On the other hand, we are not saying that the run definitely was illegitimate - we do not have undeniable proof one way or another. Therefore, no punishment is applied. We did outline strict guidelines for LeKukie's future submissions, which can be found in the complete document linked below. Furthermore, this run could potentially be reinstated in the future if clear evidence came into light.

It is important to note that due to LeKukie's console running at a non-standard framerate estimated at 60.032, the official time of this run is 7:57.046, making the run ineligible for a world record even if accepted.

We don't typically make a forum post for an individual decision, but because of the nature of this run, we felt it was appropriate to share all the details of our decision. You can find the complete and thorough explanation of our decision here:

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Feedback thread

Started by: PacPac

Here's a feature that would be really great for moderation:

On the Runs awaiting verification page, it would be really useful if we could somehow open up a run without leaving the page we're on so we don't have to reload it. Like a middle click or right click -> open in a new tab on the runs themselves. We can only open the category page or the user page this way, the run itself seems to be behind a script element or something that prevents opening in a new tab or window. Verifying runs for more popular games where the runs awaiting verification list often has dozens of runs can be a little annoying because of how much you have to reload the same page over and over.

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Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Rounding times

Started by: BismuthBismuth

I like this answer. Since no one can get a 4:56.4614 anyway, there's no point in truncating the times. In this case, accuracy is the way to go.


Forum: Super Mario Bros.

Thread: Rounding times

Started by: BismuthBismuth

(edited: )

In the frame count spreadsheet, I used a m:ss.000 format (Google Docs doesn't support a m:ss.0000 format) to display the different times.

This leads to a rounding to the nearest 0.001 of all the times on the spreadsheet. However, we typically round all the times down - in any game that times its runs down to the second, a 12:59.6 would always be considered as a 12:59 rather than a 13:00, even though it's more accurate to say 13:00.

For example, Kosmic's time is a 4:56.4617576. It was automatically rounded to .462, but technically, it's faster than .462, so we would typically round it down to .461.

On one hand, rounding down would be more in line with what everyone has been doing with timing speedruns. On the other hand, when getting down to thousandths of a second, rounding down is kind of a gimmick, and it would be closer to the true time if we round normally.

I'd like to have opinions on this, and if there is a consensus to start rounding down at the 0.001 level, I will update the spreadsheet accordingly. In that case, statistically, 50% of all runs timed to the millisecond would find themselves "gaining" 0.001 seconds due to the new rounding method.

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Thread: Redefining Rules/Categories

Started by: PandoraPandora

When h ave you gotten a random level skip? Were you in normal play, or were you getting this right as you reset a run?


Forum: Hocus Pocus

Thread: Redefining Rules/Categories

Started by: PandoraPandora

(edited: )

I was thinking two of two possible options:

1. Ban the use of save files as part of a run. This would make the glitch usable to skip the first level of episodes 2, 3 and 4 only, by playing ep 1 level 1 first and using the glitch to clear level 1, and it would save some time because the other episodes' level 1 is longer (it could save up to 1:30 in episode 4). But because you would need a save file to use it anywhere else, that would limit the scope of the glitch, which would allow for the use of this very odd trick, while keeping its brokenness at bay.

2. Create two categories. Any% would be busted, and the other one could be named Any% Single Segment (no quitting the game = no level skip) or Any% No Level Skip.

Also, I'd like to point out that the glitch was found by Melonax yesterday, and not by me.


Forum: Donkey Kong 64

Thread: Submission

Started by: defqon_Jandefqon_Jan

We can spend hours debating hypothetical cases but what matters is that the system in place works well. The day it will stop functioning will be a sad one, because it will mean that a large number of people maliciously abused the system and abused our trust in people's goodwill.

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Forum: Donkey Kong 64

Thread: Submission

Started by: defqon_Jandefqon_Jan

(edited: )

Requiring verification and/or video is something we don't want to implement. We want the community to be as open and approachable as possible. We don't want people to think that because they don't own a capture card, they aren't allowed in the restricted club of speedrunners. There is already a widespread idea that the first thing you need to figure out when you think about speedrunning is buying recording equipment, and I think that is one of the most backwards and ridiculous ways to think about speedrunning.

As for problems we encounter, there is only one, and that is people trying to teach us that we have a problem by submitting fake WRs. Here's the thing: they are proving to us that we have a problem by being the problem. When no one is trying to show how much smarter than us they are and how much better they know, everything is fine.

That being said, by trying to show how bad this system is, they ultimately show how efficient it actually is. Nobody goes through the effort of submitting elaborately cheated runs because they can just post their time. As a result, fake runs are incredibly easy to spot and prune, and we've never had an issue with them. No fake time has ever stayed up longer than a few hours.

As for notifications, well, I guess it is a good point that it's a bit annoying to get a notification for a fake time. However, I am more than ready to take one notification about a fake run once every year or two, rather than force people to get recording tools just to try a new way to have fun with their favourite game.

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Forum: Turok: Evolution

Thread: Reminder to remove the any% run off this LB

Started by: [Deleted user]

I found a splice at 17:20-ish in the video. Rejected it. Sorry I didn't see the thread a year ago.

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Forum: Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Remaster

Thread: Leaderboard Structure

Started by: ROMaster2ROMaster2

I've played a lot of the original PC port and it was basically the N64 game but running smoother and with the ability to save anywhere.

This remaster, however, is in a different engine. You run faster, you can grab ledges, they made changes to the level layouts (most of the time minor, but some more important ones too), and they also patched a myriad of glitches from the old one (waterboosting, savejumping, slopejumping among others). The biggest change, however, is the ability to quick warp between save portals, which completely breaks open the requirement to beat levels at all.

I wasn't part of the decision to keep the original and the remaster in the same game for Turok 1 (because I haven't really played either version), but it seemed only natural to separate them for Turok 2. While the game, on the surface, looks pretty much the same, there is no point in comparing a run on the old version to a run on this one. You can probably compare this to Wind Waker vs. Wind Waker HD.


Forum: No Reset Marathon

Thread: NoReset @ Lan ÉTS Feedback Thread

Started by: ShokushuShokushu


On va commencer par le pas bon histoire de vous blaster ben fort pis que vous puissiez pas lire les bons points à travers vos larmes.

- Les événements auxquels se greffe No Reset sont pas des environnements parfaits pour faire un marathon de speedrun. Une ambiance Monster Energy™ E-sports Epic Gamer XTreme, ça clash un peu avec un marathon de speedrun où tout le monde s'encourage et se flatte. Pour ma part, c'est une ambiance qui m'accroche vraiment pas pantoute et même qui me répugne un peu.
- Similairement, les événements LAN ETS et Dreamhack sont extrêmement bruyants à certains moments, ce qui déconcentre, mais surtout décourage énormément à donner un bon commentaire sur la run, parce qu'on a l'impression de parler dans le vide.
- J'ai appris un peu tard que j'avais pas le son provenant du côté droit (acmlm a déjà amené ce point), ça m'a causé des problèmes, notamment contre un boss que je pouvais pas entendre.
- Pidge a déjà amené ce point, mais ça serait l'fun que les autres personnes présentes au LAN/Dreamhack sachent qu'on existe, comme ça ils pourraient venir regarder une run ou deux pendant qu'ils attendent un tournoi d'Overwatch ou quelque chose du genre.
- Vous organisez ça les fins de semaine. Come on, j'vous l'ai dit que je travaille les fins de semaine, faites ça du lundi au jeudi comme tout le monde!

Si vous vous êtes rendus jusqu'ici sans pleurer. félicitations! Maintenant, je vous flatte.

- On se sent un peu comme aux GDQs 2010-2013. J'y suis pas allé, mais l'atmosphère qui transpirait, on la ressent à No Reset. Beaucoup de camaraderie, beaucoup de plaisir, j'aurais aimé rester plus longtemps.
- Le setup, malgré le petit problème audio, était excellent. Les deux télés pour la course étaient vraiment proches, et ça rendait le tout excitant quand on était nez à nez (ExpansionPak)
- L'équipe technique avait l'air de savoir ce qu'elle faisait même quelques heures après le début du marathon, vous vous en venez meilleurs à chaque fois.
- Vous m'avez gracieusement laissé la chance de faire ma run de 100% de Snailiad, et même dépasser mon estimation (que j'avais choisie pas mal serrée, je dois l'admettre, mais 15:00 ça sonne mieux que 17:00).
- C'est une bonne idée de faire financer l'équipement par des commanditaires, ça donne accès à de l'équipement de bonne qualité pour des pauvres nerds qui ont pas une cenne.
- Les runs que j'ai vues étaient de bonne qualité, les jeux étaient solides, on avait pas l'impression de regarder Bizoune69 "speedrunner" un jeu de marde no where pis pas réussir à se rendre à la fin (sauf la run de radio).

Je tiens à mentionner que je me plains de LAN ETS/Dreamhack, mais je suis parfaitement conscient que les marathons que vous faites seraient pas possibles sans la plateforme qu'ils vous offrent. Faut juste vivre avec les inconvénients, je suppose.

Note globale: 8/10 would take a day off for this.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Requesting series/game types for existing games

Started by: Lighnat0rLighnat0r

(edited: ) is a Web game (Flash).


Forum: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

Thread: Turok PC Original

Started by: GhostlyDarkGhostlyDark

Hello hello, as you can see I read the Turok 1 forums quite often 😃

Normal mods can definitely change categories because I didn't make these current categories. I voiced my opinion on how the remaster should actually be split into its own game (comparable to Wind Waker HD vs the original Wind Waker), so the original could be split N64 vs PC. But because I have never run the game myself, I certainly did not want to impose my view on the community (even though, back then, it was a lot smaller).


Forum: Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing

Thread: So... why aren't there any ILs?

Started by: El_NachoEl_Nacho

(edited: )

There aren't any IL leaderboards so I figured I'd post my best laps here.

Times are all on N64 emulator PJ64 1.6.

Dawn Encounter 50.58
Snake River Mine 51.30
Road to Rustwell 33.14
Cold Fusion 45.82
Command Center 52.18
Helicrash 41.72
R.M. Sludgeworks 53.80
R.M. Test Track 1:00.75

I also have an airtime challenge score of 60840 in Dawn Encounter.

I don't know if emulator is allowed because I haven't played the game on a console since 2001, but for the record, I play using an actual N64 controller. Also, this is irrelevant since there is no actual leaderboard for it.

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Forum: Farafalla

Thread: Blindfolded speedrun

Started by: JumpyluffJumpyluff

(edited: )

This game was brought to my attention because this "blindfolded%" category was being talked about on Twitter. Funny that you say people like me are "why the community is turning into pure toxicity" (which, first of all, isn't even true - the community is still as friendly as it ever was), because I would argue that categories like "blindfolded%" are part of what is actually hurting this community the most. There's one thing I don't want to see, and it would be turning into Record Setter, where everybody makes up ludicrous categories to claim their own little uncontested world record.

I don't know how pointing out that putting the category on the leaderboards was a bad idea can be considered "incessant harassment". Lashing out on me, claiming "harassment" while all I did was try to show some common sense in a civil way in one forum post, now that's something that could qualify for being "pure toxicity".

By the way, the category had already been removed when you posted that, and I commend Jumpyluff for removing it. I'm not sure what your goal was with your post considering the issue had already been resolved.

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Forum: Farafalla

Thread: Blindfolded speedrun

Started by: JumpyluffJumpyluff

While I don't run this game in particular, it doesn't matter since this applies to every game: a category for blindfolded has no value, and will do nothing other than showing off your one run. Please don't do that.

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Forum: Donkey Kong 64

Thread: Literally the dumbest request ever

Started by: LylatRLylatR

Sorry, the rule is clear:
• RTA timing MUST be used, NOT the in-game time! The run must be done in one sitting

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Forum: Dreamhack Montreal, NASA/No Reset

Thread: Feedback

Started by: lurklurk

(edited: )

You should have said "Please let us know what you liked about the event" if you didn't want people to share the points they disliked.

That being said, I also have some feedback.

- Free passes for the weekend
- Shokushu brought two packs of water bottles, great idea because I don't drink energy drinks
- dark-aries was doing good work at tech while I was there (from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon)
- I was happy to meet some guys and see old memers again
- I got two runs which was great
- Seeing people stop by and check out the speedruns, and sometimes sit on a chair for an extended period of time was pretty cool.

- The Wi-Fi didn't reach all the way into our booth
- The way DH set up the screen for the live audience had major issues: runners had no idea if there was anybody watching live, there was this giant dead space while the setup was cramped in a corner, and you couldn't enter the area without being a distraction on stream and for the runner
- Sometimes the other events at DH were so incredibly loud that I couldn't even hear my own voice when I was talking - even with the headphones in my Splatoon run
- DH in general was not very enjoyable for me; it really showed me just how much the gamer culture is something that doesn't appeal to me at all. I walked around a little bit and basically nothing interested me. What did people come to do there besides compete in the events?
- Viewership was a disappointment for me. I expected between 200 and 800 viewers, but that might just be unrealistic expectations. Overall I think more could have been done to promote the event. I promoted my own runs in my circle of friends, and I think many showed up and watched them.
- I was understanding that some runs were shortened in the interest of time, however I was kind of sad that Donkey Kong 64 almost got completely cut from the marathon. Thankfully, it didn't happen, but that would have been very very disappointing.
- On the same subject, it was hard to keep a positive attitude for commentary when NLE was aborted 5 minutes in and turned into any%. We had been told a few hours prior to the run that NLE had been changed into any%, but then during DKR, I was told that there was a misconception that we'd get booted at 5 pm on Sunday that got cleared by talking to one of the Dreamhack admins who said they were staying until Monday so we had all the time we wanted. Because of that, there was no big rush to cut run time, so we were clear for doing NLE as originally planned. So that's what we did, until we were told that everyone thought we were doing any% and so we had to reset immediately and do any% instead. I can understand miscommunication can happen, but that was pretty major, it probably looked really bad on stream, and the confusion combined with disappointment made the any% race less enjoyable than it could have been.
- My TV for the DK64 any% race had no sound on the right side, and it cost me enough time to lose a PB run.
- The rest area was nice but I had no idea in advance that it was gonna be sleeping in a giant empty room on a cement floor. I felt sore and sick all day on Sunday, and I was tired of the atmosphere at Dreamhack, so I left early.

I'm aware a lot of these points were not in your control. Not everything in this is direct criticism at tech/organisation - they are my general observations about the event. Overall I enjoyed it, but I did feel like maybe it was not worth taking two days off work for it.

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Forum: Donkey Kong 64

Thread: Clarification on significant discoveries

Started by: TrystTryst

Oh boy, this brings me back to SigNa grinding those runs with the helm lobby orange clip