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Alright, I rejected all the runs in Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files and resubmitted them to Jazz Jackrabbit 2. So the leaderboard is now empty.

I tried deleting the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files but it said that only full mods can remove games that are more than 2 weeks old.

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I just realised that there wasn't a lot of runs in the Any% (Jazz) category so I moved them manually. I still need help to move the runs from Jazz Jackrabbit 2: The Secret Files to Jazz Jackrabbit 2 though.


Yeah but those runs are under a different game and it seems like it's not possible to change the game when editing a run.



I'd like some help from the moderators to restructure a bit on the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 leaderboards. The character choice is now a subcategory instead of a separate category all together. Also, can be removed entierly as it's pretty much the same game, just a different version.

All runs in should be moved to > Jazz
All runs in should be moved to > Lori
All runs in should be moved to > Lori

Could any of the mods help me out with this? Thanks!


The most logical thing would be to add it as a separate game because that's what it is and that's what we did with The Secret Files. I don't know if we should call it Holiday Hare or Christmas Chronicles though.


Sure, it's possible to add individual levels on Or perhaps we should add them as misc categories considering an episode technically isn't an individual level.


Sure, this is my new account.