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Thread: Alt+F4 Glitch Failing on Mobs

Started by: noneleftnoneleft

As someone who's actually run this category a lot usually what happens for me is either you didn't save the game beforehand (You should save and exit and then go for the Alt+F4-ing) - Or the game saves after you've already killed the skeleton (This can just happen by semi-luck due to the game autosaving) - PC quality usually does affect things and it might just be in the nether the lag is different so just keep trying it on a bunch of different RDs.

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Thread: Potential Any% Speedrun Glitch

Started by: BillyWARBillyWAR

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So there's a newly discovered glitch in 1.2 (And possibly earlier versions) where you can use challenge mode to skip certain levels in story mode and save up to minutes of time in the Any% speedrun this way

For example: To skip the 3 tutorial levels and jump straight to Long Live the New Fresh
-Make sure you're playing on a clean save by resetting story mode progress in the options
-Play Corrupted and enter Chronos
-Quit out of story mode
-Enter challenge mode and play until you get to the bossfight
-Hope that you randomly get LLtNF as the boss
-Kill yourself 3 times so you get the ITS OVER screen
-Hit retry and immediately exit out of challenge mode
-When you go back to story mode and continue, it'll respawn you at the Long Live the New Fresh entrance despite not beating Chronos, Milky Ways, or Logic Gatekeeper, from then on you can complete the game as normal

Doing this lets you exchange having to play 3 levels (and a couple cutscenes) with playing 2 levels, and thus you can save a few minutes this way. This is especially big since this bug is present in other places, including skipping the tower levels and potentially skipping from Art of War to Barracuda, saving about 8 minutes on that segment alone. (You can't skip massive sections of the game this way because the level entrances have to be loaded to warp to them)

My question is whether this should be allowed in the Any% Run, since even though it can be done from a completely new save file and is a massive potential time save (and also makes the Any% run far more interesting), it involves using challenge mode and exiting out of story mode, which while not technically against the rules is definitely sketchy.

For ref: Here's a few pics of me getting the glitch on the tutorial section and what it looks like:


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Thread: Category suggestions!

Started by: UberCat

I would do a category which is fastest to UNLOCK the demon gauntlet (And possibly to complete it as well)