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Thread: Grasi Help

Started by: TankgamesTankgames

Hello Tankgames.
Watching Grasi's ILs would be the best idea, because there you can find almost every strats, from decent to good ones. Or just watch directly Grasi's full runs.
Also, you should joing our discord channel if you still haven't done it. We are happy to meet new players and we always try to help them.

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Forum: Cat Bird

Thread: New Speedrun Category

Started by: Bakbik1234Bakbik1234

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There is a category which is "all worlds any%" and also a category which is " all worlds 100%". There you have to finish all worlds, get all the crowns, all the skins. The only thing which is not included is "all achievements". There are only 5 runs and all of them have lots of deaths, so running with less than 5 deaths is pretty hard and barely any people will submit any run.


Forum: Cat Bird

Thread: Where the heck is my run????

Started by: nyoshi10nyoshi10

Just wait
It can take some time to be verified. Usually it is fast, but if depend on moderators' time.

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