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Salut Jujufon,
alors j'ai pas retouché a la run depuis un bon moment, mais je crois me rappeler qu'il y avait un moment où il fallait surtout pas parler a Rosie, sinon ça t'empêche de faire le sequence break (en sortant du donjon du grappin je crois).
Désactiver les marqueurs de quêtes ne change rien en tout cas.


i'll try to make a tutorial soon (even though i've been saying that for a while now... ).
about that 3-2 jump, it's a pretty stupid IL strat 😛 basically there's a pixel where you can jump on the block but not get hit by the spikes (all spike hit boxes in the game are a bit thinner than a tile), and you have to do that jump fast if you wanna catch the moving platform cycle. you also need to get off the elevator early by doing a high jump ~1.5 tile away from the top (that way you get the vertical speed up from the jump, but you don't get the slow down that happens at the apex of the jump)

i hope this clears it up, but even knowing all that, it's still a very difficult strat that only saves 5s.


This should be good for me. The event is supposed to end at 11pm (GMT+2), which would still leave1 hour of leeway in case there're late. If anyone wants to race later than that, i'm ok with that too.


Yeah, it's just that it's the first time i have to handle these sort of things, so i wasn't sure about the best way to do it, but yeah i should just post a link here. The discord instant invites are only good for set amount of time anyway, so it's really not an issue.
Here's the link, it's still good for about 3h, just contact me if you need a new one.


ok, i just setup the discord server, check your twitch messages to get the link 🙂


We just need everyone to get a speedrunslive account, the game is already set up on there.
All the info for that is here (just fyi, they recommend mIRC as a free IRC client, but it's not free anymore apparently, but HexChat still is).

The 27th is the day of the finale of a pretty big speedrun event in france, so i kinda wanna watch that 🙂 i'm not sure at what time it's gonna end though, but i'm ok with doing the races late at night.


yes, definetely intersted in doing some races !
So far, this forum is the only thing we have, but with the increase in people running the game we shoult probably put up a discord or something like that.