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In the rules, it is specify that turbo button are refused.
But when you watch the run from HassenZero ( 2nd at this time ) he is saying himself :
"have finished Batman in 5:52 minutes
In gameboy emulator KGB (Turbo button )"

So are we just supposed to ignore the rules ?
I'm getting ready to speedrun this game for weeks now, but i want to follow the rules, like everybody else on this forum.

By the way, the WW is saying :
"i use KIGB emulator and keyboard and just use autofire in B buttons for the bosses"

Aren't autofire and turbo button the same thing ?

So please someone take care of that, or just change the rules.

Have a good day !


Yeah i wanted to speedrun this game then i realize it's all wrong like a lot of games on that doesn't have proper rules.

He clearly cheats and this guy got Banned from the site too i checked it.... I've found others games too that allow bizhawk emu and turbo, i find this weird.


Indeed, so I'm asking to a moderator to remove those runs
I'm currently training to speedrun the Game but we can not win against some cheater