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Forum: Getting Over It With Bennett Foddy

Thread: Update to game rules?

Started by: SomeWeirdDudeSomeWeirdDude

If the rules say "Modding the game in any way isn't allowed", then the runs should be rejected.

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Forum: The Site

Thread: Request leaderboard moderation

Started by: DaravaeDaravae

I've had a run pending for 4 months now in this game: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mr_jump_world

My run is here: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​mr_jump_world/​run/​m31x7d4z

Requesting to be mod for this game.


Forum: Seterra

Thread: Question

Started by: BatBat

Can someone give me the link for “World: Continents (no Antarctica)”? I can only find the base quiz.

Unless it actually is the base quiz, in which case I’m dumb.


Forum: 2048

Thread: Screenshoot to verificate?

Started by: KilleDragonKilleDragon

I don’t know if the mods would accept a screenshot because there’s no way of knowing if you cheated/hacked or not.

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Forum: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Thread: Tools for speedruning

Started by: ScimScim

For practice? I don’t know if a tool like that exists.

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Forum: Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (DS)

Thread: Stupid Question

Started by: BatBat

Where would you go to play the minigames?


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: Possible rule change, I want opinions.

Started by: TheStrahlTheStrahl

If a new runner immediately gets the record on his first try AND has clicks that are 100% consistent throughout, then you really should have some obvious way to tell that someone's using an auto-clicker.

Using a mic sounds like a great idea.


Forum: Mr Jump World

Thread: Question

Started by: BatBat

For Any%, would it be alright to jump straight to World B after completing the requirements in World A? Or do you have to complete all levels in both worlds for Any%?


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: WR? Anatomyz

Started by: HardrockerHardrocker

1.036 IS accessible, but it’s listed as an “Unofficial Version” on the wiki.


Forum: Speedrun Squad

Thread: Categories ?

Started by: HavvenHavven

While I could just make it not visible on the category side and have it as an option in the run submission, it would make it so the slower characters (Isaac, Sarah, etc.) wouldn't have an advantage over the fastest characters (Nick, Chris, etc.)

As of right now, there aren't a lot of people in this community to warrant that change.

As to answer your question about the Discord server, it's not entirely needed since it's only you and me doing runs. Once more people start speedrunning this, then I'll consider making a Discord for this game.


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: WR? Anatomyz

Started by: HardrockerHardrocker

Next to their run, the version says 1.0466.

Let me check the run real quick.

EDIT: The guy did use 1.036, you can access that version here: https:/​/​javasnake.​neocities.​org/​cookie/​


Forum: Cookie Clicker

Thread: WR? Anatomyz

Started by: HardrockerHardrocker


Simple search and you can find 1.0466 (the version that the guy used).


Forum: The Site

Thread: Subcat help

Started by: BatBat

For some reason, that’s not showing up for me.

EDIT: Nevermind, found it. Thanks!


Forum: The Site

Thread: Subcat help

Started by: BatBat

How do I make it so subcategories are visible on the leaderboard?

Example would be SM64 leaderboard (VC, EMU, N64).


Forum: Kindergarten 2

Thread: Nice

Started by: BatBat

I might do a SUPER sloppy All Quests run once I complete all the quests and remember what to do for each.

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Forum: Super Smash Bros. for 3DS

Thread: 3DS Capture?

Started by: BatBat

I really want to get some video with my submissions. How would I go about capturing my 3DS for use with the PC? Looking for both homebrew and non-homebrew methods.

I have an Old Nintendo 3DS XL.


Forum: Snake VS Block

Thread: I am confusion

Started by: WilsonWildcardYTWilsonWildcardYT

The time that gets put in corresponds to the score the person gets.


Forum: Color Switch

Thread: ADs

Started by: PugGamingPugGaming

Enable airplane mode. Easiest way to not get ads.

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Forum: I saw her standing there

Thread: Two other games are now live!

Started by: BatBat

I am happy to announce that the two other games in the series ahve been approved!

I saw her too, with lasers: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​I_saw_her_too_with_lasers

I saw her across the world: https:/​/​www.​speedrun.​com/​I_saw_her_across_the_world

PS: If you want to be mod, ask and I may consider making you a mod. 🙂