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Forum: Banjo-Tooie

Thread: Emulator - is it allowed, and do the glitches work?

Started by: SwordlessLinkSwordlessLink

I recommend PJ64 if you can find it for best stability


Forum: Ocarina of Time Category Extensions

Thread: Category Suggestions

Started by: Fig02Fig02

My suggestions:

Mweep% (there's more competition on this category than most here)
9:15.920 by ZGSpeedruns -

Glitchless Max% Child
2:29:56 by Makai -

Glitchless Max% Adult
2:46:35 by Makai -

Edit: oh and the classic short race category "Deku Tree no B1 Skip"


Forum: Super Mario World

Thread: Run Types

Started by: LappySheepLappySheep

It would be cool if run types were a subcategory (separated) instead of all being in one leaderboard.


Forum: Super Smash Bros. Melee

Thread: Can we get ILs for Events?

Started by: andypantherandypanther

Can't you use sub-categories within the ILs?? Take a look at SM64 individual stars for example

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Forum: N++

Thread: Grouping categories

Started by: JCBoorgoJCBoorgo

Yeah this would be way better.