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Thread: Quick question about controls

Started by: Scottish_TigerScottish_Tiger

To expand on what Chish has said, the controller type doesn't really matter, BUT the controller layout does, a little bit. You can find more information at , but importantly you can't have 2 of the same shoulder inputs (R1 + R2), because the original console didn't allow for that mapping. We'd like to stay as close to the original functionality of the SNES controller and mappings as possible

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Thread: new here

Started by: Marster772Marster772

My advice would be to join the discord, having conversations on here is kind of difficult. That being said, run whatever you think is fun. In general, stick to shorter categories because you have to remember less information . Watch other people's speedruns for ideas and see if you can replicate them, and then mix in your own ideas to see if you can get faster 🙂


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Thread: New category

Started by: Yup746Yup746

Is there a way to reset achievements so you know when you've done them all?


Forum: Terraria

Thread: Add Bestiary and journey mode speedrun

Started by: KittyWubsKittyWubs

What would the goal be for bestiary? I haven't used it yet, but can you describe it in a little more detail, what the exact goal would be, how it'd be checked, when you'd know it'd be done, how long you'd think it'd take, etc. The more info you can provide when suggesting a category, the more intriguing and viable it is to become a run.

Journey mode is already a category, but it's a little different than the other categories. We're currently handling it as a "patch" instead of a difficulty, because it'd be so incredibly fast as compared to the other difficulties. We used to support normal/expert separately, but there weren't enough expert runs to warrant that


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Thread: Join the discord server!

Started by: BandsWithLegendsBandsWithLegends

This is literally just a post to tell you that if you're reading this, go join the Discord server. This forum is essentially inactive and obsolete because discord exists. So, go join the discord! Link:


Forum: Diablo II: Lord of Destruction

Thread: Some newbie questions

Started by: BandsWithLegendsBandsWithLegends

Hello! I am new to the Diablo 2 speed running scene and I couple of questions regarding this forum and speed running the game.
I noticed that all of the speed runs are labeled RTA. I was wondering if there was a reason for this, such as taking breaks or if they are segmented or anything like that, or if that's just how they are named.
I was also wondering if 100% runs were going to be included in this leader board and if waypoints would be included, or just quests (and cow king?)
I've noticed on some other sites a lot of the runs are segmented, and I'm assuming they are not on this site.


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Thread: Username Change Requests / Account Deletions

Started by: kirkqkirkq

Howdy! Could you please change my username to BandsWithLegends ?

Thanks in advance