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Thread: Pigeon%

Started by: [Deleted user]

annihilator would be a big help because you can shoot with it. problem is you have to do some missions. and if you lose it, the F U N begins.


Forum: Grand Theft Auto IV

Thread: Pigeon%

Started by: [Deleted user]

as far as i know, there is no wr or route. only some maps with marks for all rats.

tip: dont do it. you need heli, sniper and rocketlauncher/grenades. you could do romans sorrow first to open all islands.

have fun 🙂


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Thread: Streams page down/broken?

Started by: andi36356andi36356

same for me 🙁


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Thread: Following the same race formula

Started by: KyleKyle

as far as i know, romans sorrow without brucie is any% route. therefore, if you go for romans sorrow classic% it has to be with brucie.
thats the way i see it.


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Thread: HYPE gtaTyr

Started by: PacPac



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Thread: Move your vehicle mid-air

Started by: MangeMange

i didnt knew that cars can flip. good to know for this 1 unique jump near jacobs cafe 🙂

thanks a lot man


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Thread: how 2 streem gud

Started by: Grey_EsperantoGrey_Esperanto

but most importantly;
make sure that no game is visible at any time.

reminds me of this one

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Thread: Talk about Rules for 100%

Started by: NordtecxNordtecx

in my opinion, 100% is 100% not 95%. dont kill him and do the random event. its the same in gta 4, in a normal run you kill ivan. for 100% you let him run away for a random event.


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Thread: Our Pets :3 The cute thread

Started by: NordtecxNordtecx

Look at my Avatar. This is King Casper I.

And in Nepal the have Chicken as Pets


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Thread: Welcome, #gta!

Started by: PacPac

BionicBunion good job with the hp. love it